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Chez DB Schenker, nous sommes fiers de respecter les normes professionnelles et éthiques que notre entreprise valorise depuis plus de 140 ans. Nous nous engageons à respecter les lois internationales et nationales et à fournir un niveau élevé en matière de normes éthiques et légales dans toutes nos activités. Cela fait de nous un partenaire commercial fiable et éthique pour nos partenaires et clients dans le monde entier. Notre code de conduite, qui définit nos activités quotidiennes, et notre code de conduite pour les partenaires commerciaux, qui s'adresse à nos fournisseurs et à nos partenaires commerciaux, sont des exemples de notre engagement envers la conformité légale.   

Our Standards

At DB Schenker, we are committed to complying with international and national law and adhering to the ethical standards of business that our company has valued for more than 140 years. We are dedicated delivering the highest levels of ethical and legal standards in all that we do. Our DB Code of Conduct, which informs our day-to-day operations, and our DB Code for Conduct of Business Partners, which informs our suppliers and business partners, are examples of this.

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For Business Partners

Our DB Code of Conduct for Business Partners forms the basis for cooperative business dealings by committing all DB Schenker business partners to comply with ethical and legal standards.

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Report Concerns

DB Schenker is committed to safeguarding our integrity. If you have concerns about suspected violations, or a report of serious misconduct, we encourage you to get in touch with us.

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The DB Group is committed to further develop a better understanding of Compliance in the national and international environment. It follows high standards of business ethics and abides by them actively.

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