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Lean and Quality

DB Schenker has an Integrated Quality, Environment and Work Safety Management System consistent with the following norms:

ISO 9001:2015-10 applies to all of the company’s units and the full range of services, including domestic and international land transport, warehouse logistics, air & ocean, and rail logistics;

ISO 14001:2015-09 confirms that Schenker sp. z o.o. meets the requirements and applies environmental management system and operates according to the requirements for environmental protection;

ISO 27001:2017 is the Information Security Management System. The main aspects of the System are availability, providing authorized access to information exclusively, integrity: coherence between information and systems used to process it; and data confidentiality protection;

ISO 45001:2018 is the occupational health and safety standard implemented by Schenker which guarantees that the company fully complies with the national and international occupational health and safety standards.

We run our business based on the sustainable development strategy. We build the Lean culture that supports continuous improvement and cultivation of joint responsibility in the supply chain. One of the key challenges in today's business is the improvement of the efficiency of undertaken actions. Our answer to this challenge is the construction of the Lean culture, i.e. involving all employees and business partners in the process of continuous improvement.

The main goal of Lean culture we are building is elimination of waste. Every action that absorbs resources, takes time and does not add any value is a waste.

We care about the safety and good organization of work. One of the tools supporting the Lean culture used in our organization is the Safety and 5S system. It is a set of 5 simple rules that streamline work organization. If used properly, the 5S rules result in the improvement of safety and efficiency in the workplace environment, reduction of waste, and prevention of mistakes.

The use of metrics for key processes taking part in the company allows to set objectives and assess the degree of their accomplishment, and also to observe on the basis of trends whether or not the actions initiated by us bring about the expected effects.

Using a number of metrics we analyse, among other things, the timeliness, the level of errors and complaints, but also the satisfaction level of customers, suppliers and employees. The metrics used by DB Schenker are characterised by the “end-to-end” perception of processes or the perception of those with the customer’s eyes. In the case of timeliness, the process is analysed from the order to the completed delivery.

The satisfaction surveys at DB Schenker comprise customers, suppliers and employees. The company uses in this respect the expertise of the best research companies and the methods used by the global market leaders.

Metrics and Quality Plan

The certificates were issued on 04.08.2020 and are valid until 03.08.2023


ISO 9001 Certificate PDF

ISO 14001 Certificate PDF

ISO 27001 Certificate PDF

ISO 45001 Certificate  PDF

Compliance Program PDF

List of the locations covered by the certificate PDF