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About Us Ocean Container Ship City


The care about security is a priority for us. We want our processes and services to ensure safety to employees, couriers, customers, their consignments and digital data entrusted to us. Safety is the basis of our strategy.

We are also aware of contemporary challenges – the safety of people and information, the digitalization of the world, the growth of e-commerce and ecological issues. We try to respond to the market's expectations by delivering new solutions. We build responsible supply chains – on the basis of continuous improvement, respect and meeting obligations towards various groups of stakeholders.

Every day we exchange streams of data with our customers and subcontractors. Bearing in mind the good of our business partners, we care about the quality and integrity of information, its proper flow – so that it is verified, credible and available for authorized people. We were the first company in our trade to receive the certificate ISO 27001 Information Security Management as early as in 2002.

We keep information entrusted to us confidential. We care about the proper transmission of data, ensuring its complete protection against the operation of unauthorized persons or systems.We have appropriate protections of our information systems in case of an attempt so steal the data is made.

Trainings regarding the security of information are mandatory for every new employee. Conducted they are with the use of both e-learning systems as well as more traditional methods, namely stationary trainings.

We treat products handed to us for transportation as our own and we care about its safety. We verify the entire consignment handling process at our terminals on a current basis, and take corrective actions by monitoring irregularities.

We analyze accidents and damage on a current basis during briefings with boards. We conduct trainings for employees and couriers regarding safe behavior.

We make sure that our vehicles are equipped with modern telematics systems, we monitor key carriages in domestic and international traffic. This allows us to quickly react in the case of a hazard.

Our goal is to ensure safe working conditions for our employees, couriers as well as other persons working and present in our locations.We want everyone to be aware of the fact that safety depends on all of us.

Many years ago we implemented an Integrated Management System for Quality, the Environment and Safety at Work. We have the OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate which confirms our complete adjustment of this area in our Company to domestic and international standards of work safety management.

We monitor dangerous events. We analyze them and take corrective actions to prevent them in the future. We continuously improve our work organization. We operate according to the 5S system, which helps maintain order. We place emphasis on work-life balance.

In 2015 we started to implement the program "I See and I React" based on shaping desired attitudes (BBS – Behavior Based Safety). The Program builds a highly developed work safety culture, for example, by observing the employees' behavior, strengthening positive behavior and eliminating risky behavior.

It is intended to make employees aware of dangerous habits and provide an answer to the question why employees behave hazardously and, as a result, help eliminate the reasons of such behavior.