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Green logistics

As a global operator, we determine the directions for the development of green logistics. We set ourselves a clear target included in our strategy – the minimization of negative impact by reducing the emission of CO2. 

We are able to combine various types of transport so as to reduce the consumption of energy, and thus reduce the emission of CO2 as much as possible. We create eco-solutions for our customers. 

Proper use of resources, including the vehicle fleet of our subcontractors, development of railway and intermodal logistics, energy-efficient terminals and modern IT tools are the examples of our actions. 

We prove everyday that economy and ecology can go hand in hand. 


Ecocalculator is a tool that enables you see the emission of CO2 of the consignment and compare its change with the use of various means of transport. You enter the route, the type of transport and the weight of the consignment to our Ecocalculator, and we present information on the estimated quantity of generated energy and the emission of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter.