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We deliver the future!

We co-create our customers' present and future successes on the market. We care about the continuous development and future of our employees and suppliers. We look beyond the existing and ask ourselves ‘Is there a better or faster way?’ – sparking innovation that moves our customers and industry forward. As a result, we are building the position of DB Schenker as a global leader in logistics.  

Of the utmost importance is also the implementation of the LEAN culture that focuses on lean processes and elimination of waste. All actions are conducted in keeping with safety requirements, proper care for the natural environment, and in accordance with the regulations.

While implementing supply chains of our customers we place emphasis on partner relationships with the group of suppliers that is the most important to us, that is transport companies and couriers employed by them.

The quality of our services depends, among other things, on their work. We enter into dialog, conduct surveys of their satisfaction and organize regular meetings in order to obtain directions about the improvement of our operations.

Furthermore, in 2013 we implemented the Code of Suppliers directed to other companies - suppliers of products and services for our organization. We want the companies cooperating with us to have the same values as us and conduct their businesses in a responsible way.