Sustainable development and responsible business

We care about a balance between economic efficiency, impact on society and the environment.

We take care of our employees, suppliers, customers and the environment. We implement pro-ecological solutions in logistics and build the Lean culture. We want to be the best employer and preferred neighbor. We support the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We publish social reports. For years we have been at the lead of the Ranking of Responsible Companies of Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. In 2017 we took the first place with result of 100% points.​​​​​​​

We want to be a preferred employer and neighbor

We take care of development and satisfaction of our employees, as well as safe and friendly working conditions. We invest in activities at the universities by supporting the development of students' competences. We want to be a good neighbor for local communities in the vicinity of our terminals and warehouses. We create relations based on partnership with residents through joint projects. We cooperate with non-governmental organizations by providing logistic assistance for all-Poland social campaigns.

We take care of safe and friendly working conditions in our terminals, warehouses, and offices. Frankness, partnership, integrity, and ethics define the rules of our organization. We conduct regular surveys of satisfaction of employees and improving actions according to their results.

Our company is an "ocean of development potential". Process thinking, pushing the boundaries of teams, and operation of teams involving employees from various ranks and functional sectors constitute important aspects.Friendly atmosphere and continuous improvement are permanent elements of style of our work.

Sustainable development is based on the dialogue with stakeholders. In this way we gain real knowledge about the problems and expectations of different social groups.
The "Preferred Neighbor" project is a form of dialogue with our neighbors around our 17 terminals. Three editions of the study have been carried out in 2010, 2012 and 2016. The project is supported by Deloitte.
A global logistics company, by nature, has a strong influence on the environment. Every day more than 3000 cars leave from our terminals on the roads to deliver the goods to the store shelves and production lines.
We ask neighbors for their opinion on our impact on the local economy and the labor market, security, the environment and noise level. Residents also evaluate involvement in social activities and relations with neighbors. They point out the areas that require business support.
Through our "Preferred Neighbor" study, we can plan CSR activities and take long-term business decisions in line with stakeholder expectations.

Since 2008, employee volunteering at DB Schenker has been run on as a competition called "Time for Help." Teams of employees can prepare and implement their own ideas for projects addressed to local communities.
In 2015, we received the "Benefactor of the Year" award in the category of employee volunteering. The competition is organized by the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland, the companies are evaluated by an independent chapter.

We use our experience and global know-how when providing logistics services for the selected events requiring complicated logistics operations.

In accordance with the strategy of social responsibility, priorities of philanthropic activities of DB Schenker are closely connected with the logistics.As a matter of principle, we do not give direct financial assistance to social organizations or private persons.

We have three strategic relationships based on partnership with non-governmental organizations - Nasza Ziemia Foundation, Olsztyn's Food Bank and Stowarzyszenie Wiosna which runs the Noble Box campaign.