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Your logistics needs and requirements are in good hands with DB Schenker. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and experience, we are able to meet all your requirements and adjust our products to your specific expectations. Efficiency and high standards are the key to success in any industry, but especially in logistics and transportation services, which must have the highest quality parameters. We are here for you!

We serve clients in a variety of industries regardless of the size or complexity of their needs. From SMEs to large manufacturing companies, international entities and corporations, and the largest companies from the Enterprise sector. We offer them land, rail, air and sea transport solutions, as well as dedicated contract logistics, lead logistics and oversized transport solutions.

We have the logistics expertise, but also more than 150 years of experience in efficiently and effectively maintaining supply chains globally. We are able to transfer this experience, for your benefit, to local and national markets in order to match our customers' needs even more precisely.

Our products and solutions are the result of working with many different customers for many years and serving virtually all transportation routes around the world. By land, sea or air - we can reach any point on the logistical map of the globe.

Land transport border crossing DB Schenker trucks
DB Schenker Employee Air Freight Product
Ocean Freight Container Ship
Contract Logistics Warehouse
DB Schenker Lead Logistics Container Crane
Special Products Truck Crane