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Parcel Delivery. Simple, fast, secure.

We deliver parcels nationwide. We guarantee fast, convenient and affordable delivery of standard and custom parcels for business and individual customers.

Ship parcels to customers across the country using our proven solutions and additional options that allow you to control your shipments from sending to receiving. Order your shipments online; on one of our online platforms. Simple, fast, on time!

Want to send a custom parcel? Our courier will deliver it to your customers.

DB SCHENKERparcel+ service gives you an opportunity to send non-standard parcels of irregular shape and unusual dimensions, we deliver ADR LQ parcels, as well as parcels with sensitive compactness - liquids, alcohols.


How do we do it?

With DB SCHENKERparcel+, custom parcels will no longer be a problem that limits your business. Non-standard is the standard for us!

  • ADR LQ-compliant transport
  • Manual shipment sorting process
  • Terminals and vehicles are equipped with security measures
  • Transportation of shipments between terminals in dedicated parcel baskets
  • Minimized number of transhipments
  • High security of shipments
  • High flexibility in how shipments are packaged
  • Shipment-specific handling

Time is money - the premium option with guaranteed delivery!

If time is of the essence for you, use DB SCHENKERparcel/parcel+ premium with guaranteed delivery time and punctuality at the highest level. Using the premium option, you additionally receive a pre-notification service in the price of the order and reduction of transport costs to PLN 1 in case of delay.

Ship parcels with DB Schenker

We are a global logistics operator. Our parcel shipment solutions are part of the rich portfolio of transport solutions within DB Schenker network in Poland and Europe. Comprehensive solutions provide efficiency and a guarantee of the highest level of service with the use of modern additional services.

  • Simple order entry process
  • Pickup at your location
  • Shipping included
  • Transparent tracking
  • One invoice for parcel and general cargo shipments

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