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Conditions of hazardous goods' logistics

In DB Schenker all the principles of hazardous goods' logistics are based on ADR provisions together with the revised annexes A and B thereto and on local regulations.

We accept shipments containing hazardous materials approved for transport in DB Schenker (the specification of hazardous materials not approved for transport in national and international circulation in Schenker sp. z o.o. is included in the chapter entitled “What goods we do not transport”). 

DB Schenker does not transport hazardous goods in bulk, in containers, tanks, battery trucks, cylinder bundle or MEGC (multi-part gas container) and in the national circulation: liquid materials  in LP and DPPL (Large containers for bulk cargo)

DB Schenker organises transport as a carrier and obliges to carry out solely the activities commissioned to it in accordance with ADR provisions. 

To provide logistics of hazardous goods, we employ drivers and employees possessing appropriate qualifications and have vehicles with appropriate equipment and markings.

The shipments including hazardous goods are subject to special supervision in DB Schenker and their transport and storage is subject to the requirements specified in international and local regulations and in the internal regulations and procedures of the Integrated Management System in Schenker Sp. zo.o. in accordance with ISO standards. 

Providing the service, we assure the highest standard of professional care to prevent shipment damage or loss, posing threat to the life or health of humans and environment or damage to other shipments or the vehicle. 

Our Special Products

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