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    Dimensions and Maximum Weights

    Correct shipment data is the basis for processing shipments throughout the network in a reliable way. Progressing digitalization in transport planning requires accurate shipment data for loading space calculation and route planning.

    Counting, measuring, calculating: it’s all about numbers!

    Correct shipment information on weight and volume:

    • For correct weight information, it is essential that the gross weight is provided. This means the total weight of a load, including the weight of the actual product being transported plus its pallet or box and the packaging used in wrapping it. 

      Correct weight information is also essential to ensure that trucks and loading units will legally comply with the maximum allowed weight limits.

    • For correct volume information, it is important to receive the correct dimensions of a shipment in terms of its length, width, and height. Pallets or boxes and all packaging materials need to be included in this information. The examples below are meant to illustrate how the dimensions of a pallet need to be provided.


      Illustration showing examples for shipments and correct volume calculation

      Illustration showing examples for shipments and correct volume calculation

      Illustration showing examples for shipments and correct volume calculation


    The restrictions on actual weights and dimensions that we apply to the shipments that arrive into the DB SCHENKER system and DB SCHENKER system premium networks ensure that all the goods can be handled safely at our facilities and transported via our standard fleet of vehicles. Palletized, large, or very heavy goods must always be suitably packaged for handling and transport. 

    Maximum dimensions and weights in our network (standard)

    • 2.4 m

      Maximum long side

    • 1.8 m

      Maximum short side

    • 2.2 m

      Maximum height

    • 2,500 kg

      Maximum chargeable weight per shipment

    • 1,500 kg

      Maximum chargeable weight per package

    Illustration of emperor penguins on a forklift

    How many Emperor penguins can an ordinary forklift lift?

    Answer: 44 Penguins

    Of course, we would never lift or load live animals. We would much rather have your well-packed parcels! Learn how to measure your oversized goods correctly:

    Oversized Goods

    We currently offer all our clients the possibility of transporting their oversized goods via our network, meaning they can equally take advantage of our DB SCHENKER system and DB SCHENKER system premium products.

    These types of goods require special handling and the use of non-standard vehicles or machinery; this means that they incur additional costs (cf. details in our tariffs). Special oversized or long goods are defined below:

    Dimensions of Type 1 Long Goods – from 2.4 to 3.0 m

    Illustration of the dimension of type 1 long goods

    • 2.2 m

      Maximum height

    • 1.2 m

      Maximum width

    • 2.4 - 3.0 m

      Maximum longest side

    • 1,500 kg

      Maximum weight on the package's level

    Dimensions of Type 2 Long Goods – from 3.0 to 6.0 m

    Illustration of the dimension of type 2 long goods

    • 0.4 m

      Maximum height

    • 0.4 m

      Maximum width

    • 3.0 - 6.0 m

      Maximum longest side

    • 10

      Maximum items

    • 30 kg

      Maximum weight

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