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Customs Consulting

Customs Consulting and Trade Compliance

Our Customs Trade Consultants are available to offer their knowledge, expertise and assistance to enhance your company’s compliance with Canada Customs (CBSA), to optimize your duty savings, mitigate audit and penalty risk and improve business process controls.  We offer Customized Trade Management programs and services to meet your individual business needs.

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  • Audit Simulation:
    We can simulate a CBSA audit to identify potential areas of non-compliance, provide recommendations and offer solutions and process improvements to reduce your exposure to fines and penalties, and leave you with a peace of mind.
  • Audit Assistance & Appeals:
    Undergoing a CBSA customs audit can be a stressful experience. This program is designed to assist your company to complete the audit process successfully, compliantly and within prescribed customs regulations and timelines.
  • HS Tariff Classification Assistance:
    Tariff classification can be a very complex process, which ultimately affects the amount of duties/taxes owing on your imports.  Our team of experienced Consultants can alleviate this burden and handle the process on your behalf to ensure compliance.
  • Advance Rulings:
    The Customs Tariff may be subject to varying individual interpretations. The best way to validate a classification under the Harmonized System (HS) is by obtaining an advance ruling from CBSA. Our Consulting team can assist you in obtaining an Advance binding Ruling to ensure that the tariff classification number is deemed correct by the CBSA.
  • Trade Agreements Maintenance:
    A set of customized solutions designed to maximize your company’s ability to benefit from the various Free Trade Agreements.  Our FTA specialists will help you improve compliance, reduce and/or eliminate customs duties and optimize cross-border trading opportunities
  • Duty Refund Recovery Services
    Our Consulting team can review your imports for various refund opportunities
    (i.e. HS classification, FTA potential recovery, Surtaxes, etc.)

This program is comprised of 3 options:
     1) Customs Bonded Warehouse Program
     2) Duties Relief Program
     3) Drawbacks Program
Our Consulting team can analyze which of your imports/exports are eligible for duty recovery opportunities and submit the appropriate claims.

Services offered whereby an importer can proactively declare to CBSA/CBP any discrepancies of non-compliance, in order to avoid potential penalties that may otherwise be applicable during a CBSA audit.

  1. Customs Self-Assessment
  2. Partners In Protection
  3. C-TPAT
    Pre-approved, low risk importers qualify for expedited access to border clearances. DB Schenker is pleased to help you take full advantage of these programs.
  • Customs Manual
    This reference tool is an essential part of your company’s compliance program. Our Consulting team can assist you with creating this manual, which aligns your business policies, practices and procedures to adhere with those of CBSA’s regulations and requirements.  It documents your SOPs, how you conduct business, recordkeeping and ensures continuous reviews and updates in order to mitigate risks and stay compliant.
  • Education Seminars & Training Programs:
    DB Schenker offers a variety of Customs Seminars to keep up you informed and educated on various Customs compliance topics, CBSA initiatives, and Industry trends.