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Canadian Customs Brokerage

For more than 150 years, DB Schenker has pushed the limits of the logistics and supply chain management industry.  Our Canadian Customs Brokerage product has served clients across North America for 60+ years.  We have an advanced Customs clearance technology platform with professionally certified raters and trade experts in Canada.  We offer a proactive and comprehensive international trade compliance program through experienced trade advisors.   

We are happy to offer solutions for your business through CBSA’s CARM initiative and deliver a hassle-free, compliant, and competitive suite of end to end import and export services.

Non-Resident Importer Program 

NRI set up 

The CBSA Non-Resident Importer (NRI) Program allows US and International exporters to import goods into Canada by selling directly to Canadian customers without having a physical presence. 

As the Importer of Record into Canada, the NRI would be responsible for payment of duties and taxes. The benefit of becoming an NRI is primarily to be able to include all of the shipping and Customs clearance costs into one price to the customer, similar to a domestic transaction.  This reduces costs and simplifies pricing, gives you control over the shipping process, and increases your competitive advantage.

Schenker of Canada Limited can assist NRI’s with the registration process and provide you with the necessary guidance for importing into Canada.  First, a General Agency Agreement must be completed and business number (BN) obtained from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) before conducting business, as this number will be used to interact with both the CBSA and CRA. 

eSchenker: It's so easy

eSchenker is our most advanced logistic solution yet. It incorporates all eServices into one portal, giving you maximum support at every stage of your supply chain. From tracking and scheduling to booking and reporting, eSchenker has your logistics covered.


The easy-to-use eSchenker tracking tool gives you real-time information about the location and status of your shipment, and its current estimated time of delivery. Allocation of a tracking number means that you can access detailed shipment data online without having to log in. Our tracking technology has now been upgraded with an even more detailed overview and status information for each of your shipments.