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  • Group photo of some TSC Warsaw employees

    We are a Great Place to Work, again!

    The Great Place to Work certification has been awarded to DB Schenker Technology Center in Warsaw for the second time.

    TSC Warsaw has received the Great Place to Work title for the second time. The certification is a result of the holistic employee satisfaction study and audit conducted by an independent, external company – the international Great Place to Work Institute.

    Great place to work placate

    The certification process

    The study is fully anonymous and confidential, conducted by an external company - Great Place to Work Institute. For more than 30 years, the Institute has been researching workplace culture related to different market sectors. Millions of employees worldwide participate in the Trust Index® survey every year, and the Great Place to Work® Trust Model® has been the basis of workplace culture research for decades. A key element of the Great Place to Work study is the survey, which aim is to measure employees' level of trust and satisfaction. This embraces five dimensions: credibility, fairness, respect, pride, and camaraderie. The certification depends directly on employees’ evaluation of our company’s processes, atmosphere, and many more. The final grade and ranking include results of the culture audit - the company's evaluation of its HR practices. The methodology is entirely objective, being a global standard. The essential issue examined during the certification process is whether the company succeeds in building a culture based on trust or not. Now we can proudly say, that for the second time in a row, we proved that the culture in our company is on the

    What do employees say about us?

    Our final score of employees' overall satisfaction is equal to 77%, and it shows that we managed to keep the level from two years ago, despite the challenging pandemic situation, and team working in a difficult hybrid environment. The study also proved again that we have highly engaged employees willing to have their say and shape the company. More than 81% of them have filled in the survey and shared their feedback.

    Group photo of some TSC Warsaw employees
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    Feedback provided by our team is a mine of knowledge for the whole company. There were many aspects rated exceptionally high. The balance between work and private life, work safety, and respect for diversity were among our strongest points. We are also glad that as many as 77% of our employees would endorse DB Schenker Technology Center Warsaw to their friends and family as a great place to work, which is a great result. In open comments, employees emphasized the importance of a friendly and open atmosphere, kindness and willingness to help other colleagues, the flexibility we give within the Smart Workplace model, and many others.

    Next steps

    Our team indicated also the areas we need to work on, and it is about to begin right now. Gaining certification is a milestone, but it is employees' satisfaction and opinion that matter in the end. The feedback we have gathered is highly valuable, and it will give us a chance for further development. During the workshops that will be now conducted in the teams, employees will propose and work out the solutions. This will help us answer their needs and get better every day. After the first edition of the GPTW survey in 2020, our team proposed 34 improvement actions, and 28 of them were implemented successfully. Ideas they invented concerned the communication or working routines in the teams or more comprehensive changes at the level of the whole company. We hope for even more great ideas this time!

    Many thanks to all members of the DB Schenker Technology Center Warsaw Team. It is your success!

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