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    Partner and Project Management

    We bring together the digital and business worlds. We manage key projects. Our task is to accurately identify and manage the needs of our partners, to transpose expectations onto technical requirements and comprehensively run projects.

    We work with all the interested parties within the scope of international projects. Diversity of skills, abilities, knowledge and attitudes are our biggest strength.

    Our cross location team: the professional IT project managers, functional managers, demand managers and business analysts from the Partner and Project management (PPM) lead and manage projects and service teams, process demand and analyse requirements.

    We focus on four leading areas

    • Projects

      From agile to waterfall - our technical project managers lead and manage projects in quality, budget and time.

    • Requirements

      We analyse what partners require and translate that into system requirements and user interface design.

    • Demands

      We understand our partner needs, support the solution design and decision making and kick-off the solution implementation.

    • Agile and fast

      Our agile testing approach is fully tool supported and keeps transparency of deployment risks to empower quality control for agile projects.

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