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    Software Engineer

    Join us and develop state-of-art digital solutions

    Shape the future of logistics

    Join our Solution Delivery team providing top-quality digital solutions for DB SCHENKER's global needs. Every day we write tons of code, taking care of clean coding, and improving our skills in the Agile approach.

    What is unique about our offer?

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      Unique approach to agile

      Agile is for us not just an art for art’s sake. We work in small but complete, self-organizing teams in which we decide how to work. Retros and other meetings are always resulting in some actionable insights that can truly make our work better. Working like that can truly make a difference!

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      Cool tech stack and tools

      Depending on the project we use various technology stack: JAVA, Spring, Kafka, Maven, Hibernate, Kubernetes, Angular, TypeScript. Our CI/CD is organized with GitLAB. We have implemented also cool, modern development tools like IntelliJ, Sonar, Renovate to make your work smoother. Our developers can usually choose the operating system they need – from Windows to different versions of Linux

    • People standing together holding mugs and talking
      Focus on dialogue

      We work for DB SCHENKER, our only internal customer, operating in challenging business domain – logistics. One team works on one project, so you can concentrate on one app with rather stable technology stack. If the project do not fit you, there is a possibility to change it.

      All this creates a place where you can advance your professional life.

    Team members say...

    Rafael sitting at his desk

    Rafał Przekop, software engineer

    “What I really appreciate is that the development teams in our company can choose some technologies in their projects. In my team we use the newest stuff like Kotlin, Kafka, Kubernetes. Additionally, teams are usually small so we can adjust working and communication style to our needs.”

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    Get in touch with your future manager

    Would you like to learn more about how the team works and how we work on a daily basis? You can contact Daniel Ciunkiewicz, our Head of Application Development and Maintenance.

    How we work? Flexibility and work-life balance are not just the empty words

    In our company you can choose from 3 possible working models that will ensure you maximum work comfort and balance between your private and professional live. Everything depends on your individual needs.

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      Smart office

      For those who cannot live without other people's company or the comfort of the office. In this work mode, our employees spend most of their working time on site, still having a possibility to work remotely from time to time.

    • customer service outline
      Smart hybrid

      For those who value both - flexibility and comfort. In the Smart Hybrid model, you can divide your working time between home and office and benefit from both solutions equally.

    • logistic_white-collar-worker
      Smart remote

      For those who value remote work and are masters of self-organization. In this mode, your home will literally become your workplace, and you will visit the office only for important occasions like team meetings or training.

    Apart from different working models available, we also ensure flexibility in terms of working hours. Of course, you need to be present at obligatory meetings, but usually, you can adjust your working plan to your lifestyle. For those who work remotely, we give technical equipment and subsidy for electricity and Internet costs.​


    What else do we offer for your comfort, development and wellbeing?

    Man sitting on a couch with a laptop on his lap, wearing a headset

    Annual bonus

    Depending on company results we offer you annual bonus. You can expect to get around 8,5% of your annual salary.

    Child gives a laughing older woman a kiss

    Employee Pension Scheme (PPE)

    PPE is a chance for a bigger retirement. Company pays 3,5% of your salary to into your individual PPE account.

    Three people raising their arms in a field of grass in the sunset

    Life insurance

    You can choose from wide offer of life insurance packages for you and your family.

    Man and woman shaking hands

    Referral program

    If you know someone who fits our culture and can build our team, you can refer them and get attractive reward if they stay with us.

    Notebook on lap when unfolded

    Udemy platform

    We want to encourage you to acquire and develop professional skills. That's why you can get access to Udemy for Business learning platform.

    Man with sunglasses sitting on a park bench typing on a tablet

    Flexible working culture

    We want you to work in pleasant atmosphere and give you flexibility about your working hours.

    Family having fun on a beach

    Holiday bonus

    We want you to get proper rest, so we will give you extra money If you take a two week continuous holiday.

    Man jogging along a river in a city

    Sport card

    The subsidized Multisport card will enable you free access or discounts to many training facilities.

    Woman in front of notebook when attending an online course

    Language courses

    We offer you a possibility to improve your language skills.

    Woman wearing headphones sitting at her desk taking a call

    Professional development

    We’re strong believers in continual training and development for our people. After all, your success is our success.

    Woman parking a bicycle

    Free bicycles and motorbikes parking

    In our facility you can park your unicycle for free in the underground parking.

    Group of colleagues sitting together in front of a bar with a coffee machine

    Casual dress code

    Our rules concerning dress code are very simple and approachable.

    Warehouse employee with coffee cup

    Free beverages

    In our office you can always have a cup of good coffee or tea, as well as still and sparkling water.

    Woman eating a fruit salad

    Fresh fruits everyday

    Every day you can find fresh delivery of fruits in our kitchens.

    Family preparing a dinner

    Private medical care

    Private healthcare offers various packages for you and your family.

    Man with closed eyes meditating

    Relax zone

    In our office you can find various relax and recreation zones that will enable you to charge life batteries and have fun.

    Woman in front of a locker

    Showers and lockers

    At our business complex you can have showers and lockers at your disposal.

    Employees in conversation during an event lunch break

    Company events

    Every year we organize two company parties when we spend time together and have fun.

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