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The future of work is a choice

Our Smart Workplace model gives you a lot of freedom on where to work!

Flexible approach

Thinking about our post-pandemic work model, we have discovered that employees have very diverse needs. But what they all expect is to have a choice. That is why we have created the Smart Workplace – a solution allowing a lot of freedom on how to work. After alignment with the manager, the employee can decide on one of three possible ways of working.

Home or office? Both can be your workplace

Some of our employees choose to work remotely, and others prefer to come to the office almost every day. They can also divide their working time between those two locations in a hybrid way. Smart Remote, Smart Hybrid and Smart Office – those are the three ways we do our job now!

You even get more!

Working at home should be equally comfortable as at the office. That is why we give technical equipment and allowance to the Internet and electricity to those who will spend more time at their private offices. On the other side, employees coming to the company premises can book free parking places and use all the comfy amenities we provide at the office. 

Our three ways of working

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Smart Office

For those who cannot live without other people's company or the comfort of the office. In this work mode, our employees spend most of their working time on site, still having a possibility to work remotely from time to time.

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Smart Hybrid

For those who value both - flexibility and comfort. In the Smart Hybrid model, you can divide your working time between home and office and benefit from both solutions equally.


Smart Remote

For those who value remote work and are masters of self-organization. In this mode, your home will literally become your workplace, and you will visit the office only for important occasions like team meetings or training.

What is unique about the Smart Workplace?


Solution co-created with employees

Thinking about our future work model, we have asked our employees many times about their opinions and feedback.


For us nothing is carved in the stone. It means that you can change your work mode if you need it. We also adjust our actions to the current circumstances.

Systematic approach

Smart Workplace will stay with us after the pandemic. We have adjusted all company's processes to ensure comfortable working regardless of the chosen model.

Many views considered

Apart from the employees' perspective, we also considered our work's specific, our partners' expectations, and the company's capabilities.

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