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Solutions Delivery

We rely on state-of-the-art technology in order to deliver a full package of bespoke digital solutions to our partners - DB Schenker clients and internal recipients. This contributes to our partners' growing competitiveness on the global goods, financial and information flow market. 

We focus on 5 leading areas:

Solution Design & Consulting 
Dedicated architects provide professional services in terms of system design, software prototyping, process flow design, etc. and ensure good fit into overall IT strategy.

IT Development Profession 
We connect architects, developers and DBAs to ensure knowledge exchange and cooperation. We foster continuous learning and provide career pathways for personal growth.

Professional Delivery of Solutions 
We understand our partners needs and provide flexible solutions using various development approaches like Waterfall, Agile, DevOps, etc. to meet expectations.

Advanced Technologies 
We select and apply state of the art technologies to deliver global IT solutions.We use state of the art continuous delivery infrastructure and leverage Cloud capabilities.

The Customer Integration Team responsibility is supporting business requirements by designing, developing, and maintaining efficient electronic data interchange file transfer integrations between DB Schenker and Customers. This includes analysis and understanding of the business and technology requirements, expertise in Integration platform and standardized EDI structures, designing the route, aligning to applicable file transmission standards, developing and unit testing the transmission.