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UX / UI Service

As UX/UI team we focus on creating user-friendly systems and applications that will be easy to understand, intuitive, enjoyable and visually attractive for its users. During designing process we always try to find a perfect balance between business and users’ needs. Our strengths are creativity and an analytical mindset.

 Our daily work covers the following areas:

  • UX consulting.

Embraces quick evaluation of the needs regarding the UX and defining elements that should be modified or redesigned.

  • UX

Creation of system’s prototypes, based on the customer‘s needs and after a process of researching, conceiving, sketching and user-testing.

  • UI

Designing the visual aspects of an application or website – its interface and the way it is presented to the users. 

  • Graphic Design

Depending on the scale of the project may include corporate design, editorial design, advertising, web design or communication design.