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    • The general terms and conditions (T&C) for the various products and services under which we are engaged in the transportation of cargo are available below.

      General Terms & Conditions (T&C) of Service are printed on all of our Customer Invoices & Master Customs Power of Attorney. (See documents below.)

      These current version(s) of these Terms & Conditions of Service and any modifications or amendments supersede all previous DB Schenker Terms & Conditions.

      General Terms and Conditions of Service
      (PDF | 0.07 MB)
      PDF Download

      IATA Terms and Conditions
      (PDF | 0.04 MB)
      PDF Download

      Customs Master POA Terms and Conditions of Service
      (PDF | 0.13 MB)
      PDF Download

      Warehouse Receipt General Terms and Conditions Governing
      (PDF | 0.07 MB)
      PDF Download

      Ocean Original Terms and Conditions
      (PDF | 0.06 MB)
      PDF Download

      Ocean Sea Waybill Non-Negotiable Terms and Conditions
      (PDF | 0.03 MB)
      PDF Download

      The Great Ocean Line - Bill of Lading Terms and Conditions
      (PDF | 0.18 MB)
      PDF Download

      The Great Ocean Line - Sea Waybill Conditions of Carriage
      (PDF | 0.05 MB)
      PDF Download

      USA Truck Land Freight

      DB Code of Conduct for Business Partners
      (PDF | 0.08 MB)
      PDF Download

      Brokerage Freight Services Terms and Conditions
      (PDF | 0.17 MB)
      PDF Download

      USA Truck Privacy Policy
      (PDF | 0.07 MB)
      PDF Download

      USA Truck Terms of Use
      (PDF | 0.12 MB)
      PDF Download

      Summary of Extended Services
      (PDF | 0.12 MB)
      PDF Download

      Rules Tariff
      (PDF | 0.45 MB)
      PDF Download

    • The purpose of a Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) is to convey specific shipment information from the exporter to Schenker, Inc. required for export control purposes.

      This shipment information must be provided to Schenker, Inc. by the U.S. Shipper / Supplier / Order Party.

      The SLI provides a limited Power of Attorney to Schenker, Inc. (only good for that one  shipment) allowing us to process the shipment and, when properly endorsed, to file the AES record on behalf of the U.S. Shipper / Supplier / Order Party.

      The Schenker, Inc. International Shipper’s Letter of Instruction is an interactive document which contains Schenker’s Terms & Conditions of Service. This is the only authorized SLI that can be used for Schenker, Inc.

      It’s easy to fill out and complete, line-by-line, with appropriate instructions provided for your guidance.

      Navigation Tips:

      • You can TAB over from one field to the next. Starting from Section 1, in order, through Section 9.
      • When your cursor is placed on the line to be completed, the individual line instruction will appear.


      Shipper's Letter of Instructions

      (PDF | 4.80 MB)
      PDF Download

      Shipper's Letter - Continuation Page

      (PDF | 0.51 MB)
      PDF Download

      Instructions for completing the SLI

      (PDF | 0.13 MB)
      PDF Download

    • Information on Interest to file a Shippers Export Declaration (SED) & Automated Export System (AES record).

      In an export transaction, Schenker, Inc. must have written authorization from a Principal Party in Interest to file a Shippers Export Declaration (SED) or the electronic equivalent via the Automated Export System (AES record), and to act as agent for export control purposes on their behalf.

      The United States Principle Party of Interest (USPPI) can provide this authorization to us in a number of ways by completing either of the following documents:

      Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) for each individual export shipment.

      USPPI Export Power of Attorney (POA) covering all future SED's and AES records.

      Schenker, Inc. Customs Master Power of Attorney for all import & export shipments.

      Additionally, in the case of a routed export transaction where the consignee at destination appoints Schenker, Inc. to provide forwarding services, we must have written authorization from the Foreign Principal Party in Interest (FPPI). In most cased, the overseas consignee is the FPPI.

      The FPPI provides this authority by completing and endorsing:

      Schenker, Inc. FPPI Export Written Authorization covering all future SED's and AES records.

      The Schenker, Inc. Master Customs Power of Attorney provides us a limited power of attorney for SED/AES and export control purposes in addition to its U.S. import applications. Therefore, the Export POA is not required when a Schenker, Inc. Master Customs Power of Attorney has already been completed, initialed, endorsed and submitted to us by a Principal Party in Interest.

      Export Power of Attorney

      (PDF | 0.09 MB)
      PDF Download

      Foreign Principal Party in Interest Written Authorization Form

      (PDF | 0.12 MB)
      PDF Download

    • A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument used to delegate legal authority from one party to another. The Schenker, Inc. Master Power of Attorney enables us to act on behalf of the principle.

      A Power of Attorney is a legal instrument used to delegate legal authority from one party to another. The Schenker, Inc. Master Power of Attorney enables DB Schenker to act on behalf of the principle (Importer of Record) to perform any act or condition, which may be required by law or regulation, in connection with the transportation of merchandise for importation or exportation.

      This is a fillable/interactive Master Customs Power of Attorney (POA), along with our Terms and Conditions of Service, developed by Schenker, Inc. to enable line-by-line completion with appropriate instructions for your guidance.

      Note: For Non-Resident Corporations, after you have completed the POA, please prepare on your Non-Resident Company Letterhead, the "Non-Resident Company Letter" document from the document selection above.

      Finally, once the POA has been completed, printed and signed:

      1. Save a copy for your records.
      2. Send the Originally signed POA to the Schenker USA office that you will be conducting business with.

      This POA now provides Schenker, Inc.  the authority to complete documents, which may be required by law or regulation, to conduct Import and/or Export transactions on your behalf. 

      Master Customs POA

      (PDF | 0.13 MB)
      PDF Download

      Master Customs POA Instructions for Completion

      (PDF | 1.20 MB)
      PDF Download

      Corporate Certification

      (PDF | 0.01 MB)
      PDF Download

      Non-Resident (Foreign) Corporate Certification Letter

      (PDF | 0.02 MB)
      PDF Download

      Authorized Signature List for POA

      (PDF | 0.05 MB)
      PDF Download

    • A Commercial Invoice is used when shipping dutiable goods internationally. An accurate and complete description of goods is necessary for Customs to ensure that duties and taxes are assessed correctly.

      Below is an interactive PDF that you can fill in and print on your company stationery.

      Commercial Invoice - Interactive PDF

      (PDF | 0.36 MB)
      PDF Download

    • Below are forms for the movement of dangerous goods via ocean transport.

      For Ocean transport, Container Packing Certificate or Vehicle Packing

      (PDF | 0.27 MB)
      PDF Download

      For Ocean transport, IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration

      (PDF | 0.10 MB)
      PDF Download

    • Pre-arrival filing provisions for all EU bound air cargo is a legal obligation. ICS (Import Control System) is the electronic security declaration system for the importation of goods into the European Union.

      Air carriers are responsible to transmit an Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) to the first EU Customs entry point considering the following time limits:

      • Long haul flights (more than 4 hours): 4 hours prior to arrival at the first EU-airport− Short haul flights (less than 4 hours): latest actual take-off

      This applies for all cargo import and transit in an EU airport as well as for freight remaining on board (FROB). Norway and Switzerland are within the scope of ICS.  Air carriers will transmit one single ENS per Master Airway bill. To ensure that the ENS is filed in due time, air carriers will require complete shipment data prior to loading. Therefore it is essential that you send the following data elements to your DB Schenker office as early as possible and within the time frame provided by your DB Schenker booking office:

      • Number of packages
      • Cargo gross weight
      • Goods description
      • At least first 4 digits of the HTS code
      • UN dangerous goods code (if applicable)
      • Shipper information – detailed address data
      • Consignee information – detailed address data
      • Destination
      • SLAC count
      • Payment code (pp or cc)

      DB Schenker completed development of its system enhancements needed to comply with these requirements. DB Schenker is asking its exporting customers to make sure HTS or Schedule B numbers are provided with their shipment documentation regardless of the destination. This will help ensure no shipment delays occur as a result of these new EU requirements.

      EU Security Regulations Effective January 2011

      (PDF | 0.07 MB)
      PDF Download

    • ACH is our preferred method for making payments to our vendors. We would like to encourage you to take advantage of this method of payment in place of receiving checks.

      This is an interactive DB Schenker Vendor ACH Payment Form, along with our Terms & Conditions of Service, developed by us. It’s easy to fill out and complete, line-by-line, with appropriate instructions for your guidance.

      ACH payments have been well received by our suppliers and we would be pleased if you participate. We look forward to hearing from you!!

      Vendor ACH Payment Form

      (PDF | 0.48 MB)
      PDF Download

    • DB SCHENKERocean is a globally acting Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) and provides full ocean carrier services.

      DB Schenker is the global agent and representative of DB SCHENKERocean. As an NVOCC, SCHENKERocean issues its own ocean or multimodal Bill of Lading and Sea Waybill.

      While global trade is increasing in size and complexity, DB Schenker is able to cover your door-to-door shipments in one document.Great care has been applied in making sure this Bill of Lading conforms to international standards, including the “UCP 600” (Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits).

      SCHENKERocean Bill of Lading

      Terms and Conditions

      (PDF | 0.09 MB)
      PDF Download

      SCHENKERocean Sea Waybill

      Conditions of Carriage

      (PDF | 0.11 MB)
      PDF Download

      Container Sizes

      (PDF | 0.36 MB)
      PDF Download

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