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    Quality Management System

    Cargo iQ – our air freight focused quality management for your advantage

    In today’s global trading environment, it’s always good to enjoy an atmosphere of collaboration on shared goals. That’s what Cargo iQ is all about. Operating as a not-for-profit, Cargo iQ’s global membership is supported by IATA and comprises more than 80 major airlines, freight forwarders, ground-handling agents, trucking companies, and IT solution providers.

    Working together, they measure:

    • 10 million airport-to-airport shipments annually
    • 6 million door-to-door shipments every year
    • 110 million total lines annually     

    Easy to implement, ideal to use

    1. 1

      Get a route map

      Every shipment receives a plan called a "route map", which serves as a planned "shipment life cycle".

    2. 2

      Set milestones

      Every route map has milestones or targets the participating stakeholders have committed themselves to achieve.

    3. 3

      Re-plan and recover

      Alerts are being sent out when milestones are not reached, thus enhancing the ability to re-plan, recover and adapt.

    4. 4

      Improve performance through expert analysis

      Detailed records are available for process analysis to improve performance and reach future goals.

    Your Master Operating Plan (MOP)

    Joining forces to develop solutions to solve real-world problems, Cargo iQ members created an air cargo shipment planning and performance monitoring Master Operating Plan (MOP) based on common business processes and milestones definitions. 

    Your Cargo iQ benefits

    • Cargo iQ members measure their "delivery as promised" performance based on a single, standard methodology across more than 800,000 shipments monthly. All are committed to using objective, indisputable performance measures and results, thus ensuring reliable information that guarantees the delivery of high-quality air cargo services and products for shippers.

    • All data and reliable measurements are processed to better inform customers of the arrival of their shipments.

    • Other Cargo iQ initiatives include the air cargo intelligence hub, a self-service reporting platform for members, and the audit and certification scheme.

    Keep calm and track on

    Don't worry: With AirTrack, we know precisely where your shipment is, in what condition, and at what time it will arrive. Whether you need to know the conditions such as temperature, shock, opened box alert, and vibration of your goods, or you just need to know where your shipment is and when it will arrive, we have the solution for you! All that is in a fully integrated IoT platform, available for our customers and teams that will act immediately in case of deviations. With technology in our favor, we strive for the best possible service – allowing our customers to continue evolving the world sustainably and innovatively. 

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    Aviation security

    Safe from start to destination

    Our certified supply chain security solutions protect your cargo during both transportation and related warehousing.

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    Air freight products

    Find your ideal air freight solution

    When you're looking for the best for your air cargo, choose DB Schenker solutions. It’s all you need, to give all your air freight plans wings.

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    General air freight products

    Jet speed, tailored service, budget sensitivity

    DB SCHENKER jetcargo offers you the fast, flexible, and individual solutions for your very own cargo plans.

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