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  • DB Schenker employee checks parameters at container for shipping temperature-sensitive goods

    Reefer Management

    Always keep your "cool"

    The list of frozen and chilled goods is long and each one of these has its own ideal temperature. Fortunately, you can look forward to a comprehensive selection of reefer container solutions that ensure the integrity of your cargo. So, whether it’s fish, fresh flowers, beauty products, or pharmaceuticals with our reefer management solutions, you can sit back and chill.

    Two DB Schenker employees wearing warning vests and shaking hands in front of a load of cargo and a truck

    Book right now – quick and easy

    Reefer management needs to be as individual as your business. That’s why your requests will be processed personally by us.

    Two DB Schenker employees wearing warning vests standing in front of boxes of cargo looking at a tablet

    Zero error margin with our DB SCHENKER reefer

    Temperature-sensitive goods require extra care and attention. Sensor devices constantly monitor the position and condition of your shipment. With our solution, you will have visibility and peace of mind knowing that your cargo is transported in accordance with the defined quality standards.

    With connect2track your goods will never walk alone

    connect2track offers smart visibility solutions and is run through our own IoT platform. With it, you have such benefits as full 24/7 visibility, real-time tracking, and enhanced security. See why connect2track is right for you by filling out the form. It just takes a few minutes, and we’ll send you back our professional evaluation that best suits your shipping needs.

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    We are committed to find the best reefer solutions worldwide

    To provide you with flawless shipping of temperature-sensitive goods across the globe, we rely on efficient teamwork and an extensive international network of partners and reefer experts. As a leading ocean freight forwarder, we work closely with numerous partners within the shipping and logistics industry while enjoying short and long-term agreements with established ocean carriers. This not only offers you more choice and flexibility with the shipping of your refrigerated goods but also ensures maximum quality and reliability. Because temperature-sensitive products need a winning plan.

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    • Global Markets
    • Smart Logistics
    • Customer Stories

    Industry solutions

    Solutions on a bigger scale

    We can customize solutions to help you throughout all stages of your supply chain.

    Solutions on a bigger scale Learn more
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    We care for your commodities

    Do your shipping plans involve natural resources, foodstuffs, minerals and more? Then our commodities is the right service for you.

    We care for your commodities Learn more
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    • Global Markets

    Intercontinental Supply Chain Solutions (ISC)

    Optimized global supply chain management

    Make your supply chain more agile, resilient, and digital with our ISC.

    Optimized global supply chain management Learn more
    A CMA CGM cargo ship at a big seaport next to another ship
    • Sustainability ESG

    Sustainability in ocean freight

    Reduce your carbon footprint at sea

    Reduce scope 3 emissions by using marine biofuel for your ocean freight. Downsize your carbon footprint with biofuel.

    Reduce your carbon footprint at sea Learn more

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