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    Real-time track and trace and condition monitoring enable full transparency along the entire supply chain or individual segments.

    Our eyes and ears for your shipments

    Our air freight real-time tracking solution provides an ultimate level of transparency throughout our entire supply chain, or it can be implemented at selective points along the route to ensure safe and timely delivery.

    We tailor AirTrack to meet all of your real-time tracking needs, from geotracking to temperature readings or cargo disturbances. Depending on your needs, we provide you with a customized solution that sends appropriate texts and alerts or triggers additional actions. This new air freight tracking service helps us better serve your individual shipping requirements. To determine your tailor-made AirTrack solution, contact our experts today.

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    Tailored to meet all your needs

    From real-time track and trace to temperature monitoring and cargo disturbances – we provide you with a customized solution that sends appropriate texts and alerts or triggers additional action. Our air freight tracking service helps us better meet your individual shipping needs by giving you the highest logistic tracking.

    Seamless visibility for peace of mind

    We handle all your shipments with the utmost care; and even more with the support of real-time visibility. Whether it’s automotive parts prone to theft, prized haute-couture, or temperature-sensitive healthcare products – sometimes you want to keep an eye on things every step of the way. AirTrack provides increased real-time visibility, seamless tracking, and constant monitoring of cargo conditions customized to your specific shipping needs – making it your eyes and ears within the supply chain.

    The right solution for you

    Protect your shipments with GPS location, temperature, humidity, light exposure, tilt, or shock monitoring. If something goes wrong, you will get a warning message and we will develop a new plan with you.

    Sustainable data-collection devices allow customers to mitigate the risk of theft or damage with a minimal environmental footprint. Christian Hein, Head of Air Freight for Europe, says, "From an environmental and sustainability perspective, I am happy to see that not only are we utilizing reusable devices but ensuring all of our one-time usage solutions have a recycling program in place.".

    Our innovative solutions are designed specifically for your changing needs. AirTrack provides full visibility of your supply chain and increased lead time transparency – making it the right solution for your most precious cargo.

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    How AirTrack benefits you

    • Track your supply chain and profit from a better accuracy on arrival times that can enable a better planning and inventory savings
    • Receive personalized notifications or customized alerts
    • Stay informed about any movements, location changes, or temperature fluctuations
    • Ensure decreased loss and damage to your goods

    Ship smart

    • Position tracking allows real-time tracking of your freight, helping you protect your valuable goods with:

      • Improved risk management: follow your shipment’s journey from door-to-door using our IoT platform. Receive alerts for any deviations or delays.
      • An "invisible" solution: provides security without attracting any attention. However, if any issue should arise, the route details can assist with claim management and future risk mitigation.
      • Increased supply chain efficiency: lets you strategically improve your transit time every step of the way.

    • If your shipments need specific temperature or moisture conditions, we have the right solution with:

      • End-to-end temperature monitoring: receive an instant temperature deviation alert so you can take immediate action and coordinate a replacement shipment if needed.
      • Continuous data logging: even when the shipment is out of coverage range, our data loggers keep working, so you know transport conditions from start to finish.
      • Future mitigation: we can conduct a full analysis to mitigate the risk of temperature and humidity fluctuations for your future shipments.

    • Our tilt sensors help monitor the proper shipping and handling of motion-sensitive goods such as liquids, flowers, or heavy equipment with:

      • Visual alert: our tilt sensors display a visible alert when a shipment has been tipped on its side or completely upended, encouraging careful handling.
      • Custom configuration: alerts can be configured to immediately inform you if a shipment has been tipped or tilted or if other deviations occur.
      • Liquid/chemical safety: our tilt sensors are ideal for liquid and chemical shipments that need to remain upright during transport.

    • Shock monitoring immediately lets you know if your shipments experience unexpected vibrations with:

      • Shock sensors: our innovative shock sensors allow you to determine G-force impact, the direction of impact, time, and location.
      • Real-time communication: know instantly when your shipment experiences a shock en route.
      • Asset protection: assets are at high risk of damage during transport. Our invaluable shock data is often required when shipping fragile freight.

    • Some valuable shipments should never be opened during transit. Our light sensors immediately alert you when light deviates from what’s expected for:

      • Increased security: light sensors help detect when goods have been tampered with, or truck doors opened en route.
      • Invisible protection: protect your high-value goods with our reliable yet "invisible" light sensors.
      • Immediate alarm: an alarm is triggered instantly when the light deviates from configured settings so you can take immediate action to protect your goods and have valuable data for claims management

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