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    At DB Schenker, we are proud of our ethical corporate standards that have been valued for over 150 years.

    Our standards

    Upholding our values and applying proper business practices is our guiding principle for successful and sustainable business.

    All people at DB Schenker are committed to conducting business to the highest standards of ethics and integrity.

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    Corporate Principles on Ethics - Code of Conduct

    Our Ethics Code of Conduct contains binding standards and the expectations we have on our everyday behavior in order to conduct business to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. These principles are binding for all people at DB Schenker around the world.

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    Worker wearing a warning vest and a helmet holding a stack of papers while looking out into an harbour

    No tolerance towards corruption

    We do not condone corruption and unfair business practices by employees or third parties commissioned by us.

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    Give and take

    Benefits, such as gifts and invitations, must never be given in order to influence business decisions.

    Two men in safety helmets and yellow vests looking at a tablet together

    Making decisions in the best interest of the company

    We must avoid situations in which personal or individual financial interests collide with the interests of DB Schenker or of our business partners.

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    Business vis-à-vis competitors

    We abide by the applicable competition regulations and do not reach any agreements which affect prices and/or terms and conditions or which in any other way illegitimately restrict fair competition.

    A row of DB Schenker containers at a harbour

    Safeguarding our assets

    Assets, business secrets and trade secrets must be protected against misuse, waste, and theft.

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    Embargoes and sanctions

    We comply with applicable laws, regulations and provisions relating to export controls, embargoes, and sanctions.

    Reporting concerns

    We have created the DB Schenker online reporting system to provide a safe place for any individual to report suspected violations of law or serious misconduct. Here, any individual can share information in strict confidence, within the realms of local laws.

    DB Schenker online reporting

    For our suppliers

    Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners and the complementary DB Schenker Standards of Business Conduct commit our suppliers and business partners to comply with ethical and legal standards. They form an important basis for our cooperative business dealings.

    Code of Conduct for Business Partners

    Our Code of Conduct for Business Partners is based – among others – on the principles of the UN Global Compact and the same principles we have set in our Ethics Code of Conduct for our managers and employees. It is addressed to all companies and individuals worldwide from whom we purchase goods or services.

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    DB Schenker Standards of Business Conduct

    Our DB Schenker Standards of Business Conduct has been created to complement the Code of Conduct for Business Partners, and is aligned with the principles and spirit of this document. It is additionally addressed to all companies and individuals worldwide from whom we purchase goods or services.

    Standards of Business Conduct for business partners

    The following principles complement and should be understood in combination with and addition to the DB Business Partner Code of Conduct.

    • With our social minimum standards, we have a strong commitment, attitude and statement in place. They are based on our code of conduct, our values, and our business strategy.

      We thrive to have a positive impact on communities by respecting human rights. Our frame of reference encompasses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Conventions of International Labour Organization (ILO) and the Global Compact of the United Nations.

    • We believe our diverse workforce is a key enabler to foster creativity, champion innovation, and develop sustainable solutions. Therefore, we set ambitious goals to accelerate diversity and inclusion, not just within our organization but across the logistics industry.

      We strive to cultivate an inclusive working culture where all employees are free to bring their authentic selves to work – where together, we shape our environments and make a worldwide impact.

    Social Minimum Standards

    Learn more about our values and our vision in collaborating with our partners.

    Global Diversity and Inclusion Addendum

    For your convenience, suppliers can download our addendum here.

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