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Leading the way to a more connected and sustainable world

It started out in 1872 when Gottfried Schenker, who founded Schenker & Co. in Vienna, offered the first consolidated rail shipments from Paris to Vienna. For one and a half centuries, the men and women of DB Schenker have dedicated themselves to helping our customers in the exchange of goods to and from anywhere in the world. So much has changed in the world during this period. But what has not changed, is the commitment of our more than 72,700 employees worldwide to provide our customers a full range of logistics and transportation services to meet their ever-changing needs.

History provides us with a sense of identity. Better understanding who we are, where we have come from and where we are going, can help create the future. As one of the world’s leading global logistics provider, DB Schenker is committed to creating the future by elevating the lives of everyone we work with. Elevate is a transitive verb. It means to exalt, lift up, and improve in any number of ways, from intellectually to physically, financially to morally. And whenever we talk about ‘elevating lives,’ we talk about how we can better elevate ourselves as a company, individual, and community.

In our anniversary year, we want to push this pioneering spirit to a new dimension by driving innovation, shaping a sustainable future, and connecting communities.

DB Schenker CEO Jochen Thewes with a model of the VoloDrone

Jochen Thewes, Chief Executive Officer

How we elevate lives

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Through Innovation

For 150 years, innovation has always been a part of DB Schenker’s culture. From developing best-in-class products and services to leading-edge technology, we continue to give our customers the competitive edge they need to elevate their businesses and compete effectively and efficiently in today’s global economy.

An airplane taking off on the tarmac

Through Sustainability

As a leading provider of global logistics and transportation services, sustainability is implemented as a core of our business practices – from the well-being of our people and their communities, to sustainable growth and reducing our ecological footprint as well as developing new products and collaborating with our suppliers and partners. By integrating these principles into every aspect of what we do every day, we are committing ourselves to being a sustainability leader and socially responsible business partner in the global communities we serve.

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Through People

Our people are our most important asset, and our success depends on having a competent, diverse, and well-trained workforce. Internationality, teamwork, reliability and an innovative spirit are the values which set us apart. Our customers know our capabilities and what differentiates us from the others. As we start our next 150 years, we view this as a tremendous opportunity to reconnect with families, friends, co-workers, and clients, re-evaluating the crucial role they play in our and your success and how we can elevate their lives even more.

How we are celebrating our 150th Anniversary

Throughout the year, we are holding regional anniversary events for our employees, customers, and partners. The focus of our celebrations will be a company give-back challenge where through employee involvement, we will donate up to 1.5 million Euros to four charities over four quarters. The themed program is called, ‘Leading the Way Challenge’. Our employees will download a customized program app and through physical activity challenges and challenging mind games with in-app quizzes, they earn kilometers which go towards one of the four charity organizations.

Man looking at his fitness armband in front of a DB Schenker truck

Leading The Way Challenge

An airplane taking off on the tarmac

150 years ago...

DB Schenker truck next to a small airplane

The Story Behind DB Schenker


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