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Further face mask shipments by DB Schenker

Transport of 100,000 masks donated by fashion retailer to Spanish and Italian regions in need

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Support for governments during Coronavirus outbreak • Air shipments from China via Frankfurt with onwards truck carriage to Madrid and Rome

Urgent delivery in unprecedented times: DB Schenker currently transports face masks all over the world. One new example is the organization of the carriage of donated goods from H&M Group. The global fashion and design company has decided to utilize its supply chains in Asia to source and donate 100,000 face masks to contain the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus. 50,000 masks will be given to Spanish authorities to support medical facilities in the region of Madrid and another 50,000 masks will be given to Italian authorities for hospitals and further health care purposes.

Thorsten Meincke, Board Member for Air and Ocean Freight at DB Schenker: “We are happy to take care of transporting these donated face masks from H&M Group. Despite challenging times and limited air freight capacities, we were able to organize the shipments within a short lead time thanks to our own network. We are currently transporting high volumes of medical equipment to many places in the world. During these times, logistics keeps medical supply chains running.”

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The type N95/FFP2 face masks were produced in China. Given reduced freight capacities on passenger airline flights, it was not possible to fly them to their destinations directly. Instead, DB Schenker ensured they were transported on full air freight charter flights.

The masks for Spain took off from Shanghai Pudong Airport and reached Frankfurt Airport in Germany after a freighter crew change in Doha. From Frankfurt the donations were carried by truck to Madrid and handed over to the department of civil protection on Easter Monday.

The masks for Italy were carried on a non-stop flight from Shanghai also to Frankfurt. They will now be travelling via truck to Rome, after which they will soon be provided to the Italian department of civil protection.

As a leading global logistics service provider, DB Schenker transports growing volumes of face masks all around the globe. Using case-specific combinations of various modes of transport, including air and ocean freight, trucks and cargo trains, there is flexibility to realize supply chain solutions even when individual transport capabilities or capacities are limited.