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    4PL / Advanced Logistics Services

    Want to optimize your entire supply chain? Reduce organizational complexity? Manage service providers via a single process? Deploy a Transport Management System? Then explore our fourth party logistics solutions.

    Solutions for each link in the chain

    As Schenker Dedicated Services, we are your global 4PL partner providing world-class services to solve all your logistics needs. We take the worry out of every step as we contract all carriers and take responsibility for capacity, service, and quality. We continuously work to reduce your costs, speed up your operations and increase your sustainability and efficiency. We start with the design and engineering of your customized logistics solution. Furthermore, we establish a control tower to manage, operate, and monitor your ongoing logistics needs. And ultimately, we deliver improvements to your supply chain, your organization, and your customers.

    Whether you operate in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia-Pacific, or all four regions: Our 4PL, LLP, freight management, transportation management, and supply chain solutions give you a distinct edge in the marketplace.

    Your benefits as a 4PL customer

    1. 1

      Keep it simple

      No matter what challenges you need to address or tasks you need to solve within the supply chain, you get a single interface with a fully managed service.

    2. 2

      Speed up

      Direct access to a wider supplier base and a dedicated team gives you a faster and more efficient supply chain with less overhead and improved customer service.

    3. 3

      Focus on core activity

      By outsourcing your logistics management, you may strengthen your focus on customer service, sales, marketing, market research, and expansion plans.

    Your dedicated 4PL provider

    Schenker Dedicated Services SDS is an independent and neutral group of entities within the DB Schenker Group. The SDS Control Tower is the central point of contact where a dedicated team of experts is available for all supply chain services.

    Your single point of contact

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    The SDS Managed Services and Control Tower solutions provide you with comprehensive supply chain services, e.g.:

    • Sales and Purchase Order processing
    • Intake and processing of shipping orders
    • Planning, booking, and optimization of transport
    • Delivery control and full transport visibility
    • Deviation and claims handling
    • Freight Bill and Audit services
    • Performance management and reporting
    • Procurement and management of the full set of service providers and carriers
    • Future supply chain optimization and improved efficiencies


    Control towers are located on a global basis based on your needs – either through a centralized, regional, or local operational setup – to deliver 24/7 global coverage.

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    Our Transport Management System (TMS) integrates your logistic network to ensure efficient transport operations, information management, and communication.

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    Order management

    Daily control tower activities integrate order management functionality on various complexity levels, depending on your needs.

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    Visibility and control

    Our robust IT systems visualize and monitor key aspects of your supply chain, providing visibility and control of operational performance and cost, as well as proactive optimization and service impact mitigation.

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    Highest standards

    We comply with the highest international safety, security, and quality standards to maintain and increase efficiency, safety, and quality. Furthermore, we comply with industry-specific standards, including ISO, TAPA, SQAS, and GDP.

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    Our business intelligence platform provides a customizable dashboard with a wide selection of KPIs and statistics reports, enabling you to run your business on fact-based decisions.

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