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    Get a fresh new perspective on perishables supply chain logistics and enjoy comprehensive solutions that keep you and your goods in peak condition.

    Preserving what’s important

    The transport of fresh or temperature-sensitive goods is a science. That’s why you can count on our expertise and experience in perishables logistics. Whether per land, air, or ocean or a combination of the three – rely on us for fast, dependable, and cost-effective shipment. When freshness counts, count on us.

    Our industry know-how

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    Benefit from our complete perishables supply chain service portfolio. We provide reliable and state-of-the-art transport for electronics, healthcare (diagnostics), perishables (dairy products, fish, seafood, fresh produce, meat and poultry), high-value goods, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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    Monitoring and tracking

    Our innovative connect2track system offers you seamless, 24/7 tracking of your products worldwide. Based on our own IoT platform, connect2track ensures maximum visibility and condition monitoring with real-time updates, tracking and logging devices, as well as enhanced security measures.

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    Industry expertise

    Count on our decade-long experience in perishables logistics. Our experts are at your service around the world to ensure that your perishables supply chain is kept lean, effective, and competitive.

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    Sustainable shipping

    Offset your next freight shipment through CDM-certified climate protection projects. Our range of services and products help you reduce your carbon footprint while fostering beneficial change throughout the world.

    Our perishables brochure

    Download our informative brochure and find your optimal solution.

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