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    Freight Management

    Discover efficient and reliable freight management solutions with DB Schenker. From transportation to warehousing, our expertise ensures your cargo is delivered on time and within budget. Learn more about our customizable solutions today.

    Count on us

    Managing the many external service providers along your supply chain is complex. Let us take this task off your hands! We'll manage your freight forwarders and carriers, working with your direct service provider contacts – for smooth processes that save time and costs. 

    We monitor, coordinate, and control the delivery of your goods along global trade routes to continuously improve your supply chain processes and create added value. As a result, you benefit from cost-efficient processes and reliable coordination between forwarders and shippers with reduced internal complexity.

    Freight management the easy way

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      Focus on core activity

      By outsourcing your freight management, you can focus on customer service, sales, marketing, market research, and expansion plans.

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      Seamless supply chain

      Managing global supply chains and cross-border logistics is a challenge. Our standardized execution services use local expertise to ensure things run smoothly.

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      Ready, steady – go!

      Freight management can be implemented relatively quickly. However, carrier capacity issues, service delivery capabilities, and price fluctuations may remain amongst your contracted carriers. Our further 4PL services can be added to eliminate these risks.

    How we optimize your freight management

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    SDS Control Tower

    Our centralized Schenker Dedicated Services SDS Control Tower is the hub that makes your transportation and logistics more efficient and reduces administrative costs.

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    Operation and coordination

    The SDS Control Tower manages the operation and coordination of all your supply chain activities – from bookings and customs to taking full responsibility for all deliveries.

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    One-stop shop

    Having only one point of contact means your administration is kept to a minimum, the processes are standardized, and all information comes from one source.

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    The SDS Control Tower offers you helpful services, such as: 

    • Transport booking
    • Transportation planning and control
    • Exception and deviation management 
    • Documentation and administration
    • Dashboard KPIs and statistics
    • Visiblity and shipment tracking
    • Freight bill audit and payment
    • And more...
    Man holding a smartphone which shows a data upload to a cloud on the screen

    End-to-end visibility

    Our robust IT systems visualize and monitor key aspects of your supply chain, providing visibility and control of operational performance and cost.

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