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Why DB Schenker

  •  A leading global logistic provider
  •  Online access to a trusted global network
  •  More than 140 years of logistics experience
  •  Readiness across more than 2,000 locations worldwide
  •  Over 76,000 employees mastering your challenges daily
  •  Innovative supply chain solutions

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 Land Transport
  • Best transport network in Europe (50 000 carriers in 40 countries)
  • Fastest lead times all over Europe (Barcelona to Paris in 48 hours)
  • Money back guarantee with premium shipments
 Air Freight
  • When time is of essence
  • For high value cargo
  • Online access to a global network
 Ocean Freight
  • Access to our global LCL & FCL network
  • Attractive door-to-door rates
  • Fastest transit times & sailing schedules

What our customers are saying about connect 4.0

  • It’s extremely fast and efficient. You fill out the dimension and weight and receive the pricing instantly. It allows me to worry about something other than transport logistics.
  • It’s fast. It’s reliable. It saves time. With connect 4 land my company is more competitive. I can manage my shipments with a single click.
  • I had a very good experience with the (connect 4 land) platform. For me, the service is most important. The price is secondary.
  • I called several haulage agencies and the one that came up with the best and quickest solution to my problem was DB Schenker. [connect 4 land] … it’s very easy to use.
  • It saves time because you can use the service whenever you like. (With connect 4 land) I’m very independent. I self-manage my own logistics.

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