Manual Booking

This surcharge is applied when DB SCHENKER documents the shipment manually.

Incomplete Details

This surcharge is applied if the delivery address information is not correct and/or in case of home deliveries, there is no available contact telephone.

Second delivery attempt

This surcharge will be applied in case of being necessary a second delivery by causes beyond DB SCHENKER in home deliveries.

Remote Areas

This surcharge is applied in the deliveries and/or collections in some of the ZIP codes quoted in the tariff like remote areas and that are facilitated in the following linkage:

 *Download Zip Codes List for Remote Areas

Metropolitan Areas

For specific zip codes in big cities where there are restrictions such as on accesses, time, kind of vehicle, or any other restriction which could affect our activity we offer our pick up and/or delivery service with a surcharge.

*Download Zip Codes List for Metropolitan Areas

Long goods (non-standard goods)

Goods are considered non-standard basically because of the cost of handling in loading and unloading operations and even of increase of accidents possibilities. Bellow, a table with information about what is standard considered, Long Type 1 and Long Type 2.


“Standard” shipment

Long Type 1

Long Type 2

Long measure

2.4 meters

3.0 meters

6.0 meters (INT)

4.0 meters (DOM)

Wide measure

1.80 meters

1.20 meters   

0.40 meters

Maximum high

2.20 meters

2.20 meters

0.40 meters

Real maximum gross weight

1,500 kg

1,500 kg

30 kg

Maximum quantity per shipment

10 items

Those are the extra charges that will be applied for each surcharge above mentioned:



Manual Booking

€4 / shipment

Incomplete details

€5 for domestic / 4€ for international 

Second delivery attempt  

30% on tariff

Remote Areas

25% on tariff with a minimum of €7

Metropolitan deliveries

5€ / shipment

Long goods


Domestic System

Type 1: 25€ per shipment
Type 2: 40€ per shipment

International System

Type 1: 35€ per shipment
Type 2: 50€ per shipment

Prices valid from 1st of January 2018.