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Capacity Surcharge for international system traffic

The European countries have closed their internal and external borders for passenger traffic to limit the spread of coronavirus. This increased control will lead to congestion at borders, which will significantly delay cross-border freight traffic. Border crossing points will also be closed at short notice, which will require re-routing of transports. In addition to the increase in border controls, Finnish ferries are being pulled out of traffic, which reduces available ferry capacity. For example, instead of the Helsinki-Stockholm route, transports must be driven to the ports of Turku and Naantali. Furthermore, the loading and unloading of collection and delivery traffic has slowed down significantly due to abnormal operating requirements. Production plants are driving down their production which reduces the need for transportation and makes regional balance of equipment difficult.

In order to maintain the transportation services, Schenker Oy will introduce a Capacity Surcharge of 2.50 € / 100 kg on all groupage shipments crossing the Finnish border, which will be charged based on the tax weight of the consignment. The surcharge applies to both imports and exports for all European countries. The surcharge is valid until further notice and will be applied to the shipments with departure date from Finland or arrival date to Finland on Tuesday 24.3. or later.

For more information on the smooth flow of freight across Europe's land borders, please see the website maintained by the European Commission: