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    Excellent shipment services require feasible booking information, correct information on the waybill and shipments as well as proper packaging. Please read more on the tips collected below.

    Tips for your shipments

    • Please remember to pack your shipment to cope with the manual and mechanical handling. The packaging should be sufficient to

      • protect your goods
      • ease and fasten the handling from the perspective of the sender, carrier and the consignee
      • give information on the shipment and its handling  
      • enable the loading according to the laws

      Further information about packaging is in the standard ISO 780:2015.

      Consignment packaging and measurements (pdf)

    • The shipment is identified by its waybill and shipment ID during the transportation. Nowadays the shipments are scanned in various phases of the transportation which means the SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Core) is really important. This enables you to track your orders and also receive up-to-dated information from our Customer Service in case needed. Further information on the SSCC code can be read on the GS1 website.

      The basic information that is needed in each item (case, pallet, parcel etc.) is

      • Consignee's name and street address (especially the unloading address)
      • Sender's name, address and telephone number
      • Number of items on the shipment
      • Waybill number
      • Weight of the items

      Please make sure the address is visible and easy to read even from the distance and all ADR information are in place.

      Address labels with SSCC barcode (pdf)

    • The standardized waybill has unique waybill numbers which enable watertight tracking of each shipment. 

      Attach the waybill to your consignment so that you can be sure that it has been collected or respectively delivered to the recipient. You can also give us further instructions regarding the transportation or give us other required details in the waybill.  

      The most important data to be entered in a waybill:

      • Waybill number, including barcode (in compliance with standard consignment note for domestic transport, SFS 5865).
      • Customer number and contract number, if the terms of a valid transport contract apply
      • Consignor's name and address
      • Consignee's name address and telephone number
      • Name and address of freight payer, if other than the consignor or consignee
      • Number of packages, marking/number, type of package
      • Contents of consignment, special requirements and product or environment-related requirements, e.g. heated, cooled, deep-frozen, customs goods
      • The gross weight of the consignment in kilograms and volume or cubic weight
      • The proper trade name of any hazardous or dangerous goods, UN number, class and package group

      How to fill in Standard waybill (pdf)

      Freight rate calculation (pdf)

    • Make sure the whole shipment is ready for pickup on the agreed time. Check these at least

      • The packaging is sufficient for handling during the shipment
      • Each item has address labelling
      • There are no loose items in the shipment
      • The waybill is filled in and ready for pickup with the shipment

      In cases there are several carriers please separate the shipments and waybills to avoid mistakes in loading.

    • When receiving a shipment please make sure

      • the shipment is delivered in correct address
      • you are eligible to receive the shipment
      • there are as many items in the shipment as mentioned in the waybill
      • the shipment is undamaged

      If you notice any damages without unpacking the shipment please describe the damages on the waybill. For the damages you cannot see without unpacking the shipment you have seven days for reclamation to the carrier.

      Also remember to sign the shipment received.

      Instructions to home delivery service consignees (pdf)

    • We follow the quality standard ISO 9001:2015 but once in a while the shipment might get hit during the transportation. (See the Certificate.) If you notice such damage please be sure to report it in the waybill when receiving the shipment.

      If the shipment has been insured please contact your insurer. If the shipment has not been insured please file the claim to the carrier. For inspection of the damaged good please

      • store the good separately
      • store the packaging material
      • do not transport the good

      Download the claim (pdf)

    • DB Schenker companies in Finland accept purchase invoices as e-invoices. We do not handle paper invoices. By using electronic invoicing we save resources and the environment. Due to the smooth circulation of invoices, we require the correct information be used.

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