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Changes in home delivery

To control the spread of coronavirus we are taking stricter precautions in delivering shipments to consumers. As of Monday, April 6, our drivers will not carry consignments inside the apartment. In this way, we reduce the mutual risk of exposure.

Our safer way of working

  • The driver calls the customer before delivery and informs him/her that the delivery will be placed in front of the customer's apartment door, but will not be brought into the apartment over the threshold.
  • If the operating model does not suit the customer, the driver will notify the customer service or the transport coordination of the dispatching company, which will contact the customer in order to schedule a new delivery time.
  • The customer checks the shipment while the drive is present, but sufficient distance is maintained between the parties.
  • The driver signs the delivery as received on behalf of the customer and, if necessary, writes the reservation on the consignment note.

If the delivery has been ordered to be left by the side of the street, a normal procedure will be followed. The normal procedure is also followed when the shipment is addressed either to a new construction site or a renovation site.