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DB Schenker’s acquisition of Vähälä Group completed

Finnish and German authorities approved the acquisition • New Managing Director Mikko Rehtilä

Vantaa, October 14, 2021 – DB Schenker has completed the acquisition of the entire share capital of Vähälä Logistics Oy and its fully-owned subsidiaries. The deal has been cleared by the Finnish and German authorities. DB Schenker has nominated Mikko Rehtilä as the new Managing Director of Vähälä Group.

“The acquisition has completed DB Schenker’s land transport network in Finland. After decades of successful partnership with Vähälä Group in central and northern Finland we are now able to offer our customers full service with DB Schenker products of all transport modes all over Finland”, says Petteri Nurmi, CEO of DB Schenker in Finland. “Based on his track record of nearly two decades in DB Schenker I trust the new Managing Director Mikko Rehtilä will lead Vähälä Group to the next level as a DB Schenker company.”

Vähälä Group was founded in 1937 and has offered domestic land transport services in central and northern Finland as a partner of the DB Schenker network. This cooperation dates back to 1956. From now on, the company will continue to operate over the medium-term as an independent subsidiary of Schenker Oy in domestic land transport of DB Schenker in Finland. The company has 265 employees and is a pioneer in eco-friendly transportation through its use of gas-powered trucks and electric vans, as well as long HCT trailers.