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Flexibility to delivery days for remote areas

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, transport volumes are significantly reducing. Based on the volume estimates from our customers and experience from our European network, freight volumes will be reduced by almost one-third compared with a normal period. In order to maintain a nationwide transportation network, we are adding flexibility to pick-up and delivery days for remote areas. By collecting fuller cargo spaces, we ensure sufficient capacity even in these exceptional circumstances.

From pick-ups as of Wednesday April 1, we reserve an option to add one transport day for pick-ups and deliveries to remote and special area transports, or to postpone a pick-up or a delivery to the next scheduled date. This flexibility now applies to partial and full loads as well as groupage shipments and parcel transports in remote areas 1 and 2 and special areas. Postal codes are listed on the domestic pricing area map, available for download on mySchenker e-service. Most of the shipments, estimated at 85%, will still be transported according to the normal schedule despite exceptional circumstances.

Due to the current Coronavirus crisis many consignees are closing or not willing to accept any goods for the time being. In order to avoid further delivery attempts and / or storage costs, please kindly check before dispatching your goods that the consignee will accept your consignment. Any shipment that cannot be delivered will be returned to you at your cost.

We are sorry for the changes resulting from these exceptional measures.