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Get ready for Brexit

The situation with Brexit changes continuously. The UK Government has requested an extension to the current 31st October deadline. The probability of a hard Brexit has been significantly reduced.

Be prepared in advance for the change brought by Brexit. When Brexit takes place in due course, we need more detailed information about your shipments so that we can act on behalf of you and your consignee in customs procedures even after the UK has left EU.

Deliver these with your shipping order or immediately thereafter by emailing vientiselvitys@dbschenker.com.

  1. UK export invoice or pro forma invoice must contain detailed information on the goods on the basis of which we can make the necessary customs declarations. (Template of proforma invoice)
  2. Power of Attorney (Letters of representation): (a) A power of attorney issued by your company must be signed and returned (template of power of attorney). (b) The Finnish exporter must also apply for a customs clearance PoA from a British trading partner (PoA-UK template). Without these, we may not complete import and export declarations on your behalf or on your consignee's behalf, which may delay shipments.
  3. Brexit Checklist (Excel file). We ask Finnish exporters to collect information on the form from their trading partners. The use of the checklist aims to speed up the import clearance process on the British side.
  4. If your British importer has a TSP (Transitional Simplified Procedure) status, please also indicate this when booking a shipment.

Your DB Schenker contact person will provide further assistance if necessary. At all times you have our assurance that we will apply the highest level of service to ensure we get your freight to, from and via the UK in the fastest and most reliable way. Meanwhile if anything changes, we’ll keep you informed.

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