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In distribution from printed waybill to e-Sign

In October 2018, DB Schenker started a pilot in Kouvola, Finland, where the recipient signs the arrived shipment electrically to the driver’s hand-held device instead of a printed waybill. In this distribution phase pilot, we have investigated the suitability of the e-waybill for different modes of transport.

We are now expanding our paperless distribution to new locations: Vähälä Yhtiöt has adopted an electronic acknowledgment for the distribution in the areas of Jyväskylä and Kemi. In February, we will take the operating model in use in Lappeenranta and then in Mikkeli, Savonlinna, Lahti and Hämeenlinna.

Printed waybill

Our driver will continue to take a printed waybill with him when picking up the shipment. It is used in addition to electronic shipment information for direct transport, the transportation of dangerous goods and in distributions of the areas and shipments which do not belong to the pilot.

Throughout the country, electronic acknowledgment signature will be introduced by the end of April, and printed waybills will be discontinued by the end of 2019.

The e-waybills are natural continuation of electronic booking and tracking. By developing the electronic process, we can provide comprehensive monitoring services for the various stages of transportation and ensure the production of services as ordered by our customers.

Electronic waybill in practice

Customer booking and/or shipping transportation

  • As usual, ensure that the transportation order has sufficient and correct information.
  • Make sure that the additional services you need are included in your order so that they can be produced in the way you order.
  • Ensure that each package of the shipment has a standard address label with SSCC barcode so that all shipment packages can be tracked.
  • Please note that printed waybills do not accompany the goods to the recipients who are in the distribution area of the electronic receipt. (If your recipient needs additional shipping information, please attach the delivery note to the shipment or forward the required shipping information by email to the recipient.)

Receiving customer

  • Make sure you receive all the packages of the shipment and that they are in good condition externally. (If you need additional shipping information, you should agree with the sender to forward the delivery note information, e.g. via email.)
  • Tell the driver your surname and sign the shipment on the driver's device. If there are deviations in the shipment, a note with necessary photographs will be made to the driver’s device. This way the sender can also verify it in the tracking service. If necessary, a separate note form can be used.

Additional information

Do you need more information, or would you like to give feedback on electronic receipt? Send an email to