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New CEO for DB Schenker in Finland

Göran Åberg, CEO of Schenker Oy, will retire on 30 November, 2018. He will be succeeded by Petteri Nurmi as of 1 December, 2018.


                      Petteri Nurmi

Petteri Nurmi has an all-round track record in DB Schenker in Finland. Since 2015, he has held the position of the Head of Land Transport Finland. Prior to the current position, he has been the Managing Director of Suomen Kiitoautot Oy, a DB Schenker subsidiary in eastern Finland, and Head of Branch Turku.

Göran Åberg has served DB Schenker and its predecessors for almost 30 years. Besides being CEO of Schenker Oy he has held the CEO position at Oy Schenker East Ab and Regional Director of DB Schenker Region Europe North & East.