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Potential Border Congestion Fee

The Brexit process is going to be a long and complicated matter. And it will increasingly affect the seamless transport of freight between mainland Europe and the United Kingdom.

The new customs procedures required in order to trade between the U.K. and mainland Europe will have an impact on the time needed to cross the border. The connection from Calais in France to Dover in the U.K. will turn into a bottleneck. Roads and highways leading to the Channel Tunnel and border crossings will be under immense pressure from heavy traffic congestion.

This will not only make round trips longer. More vehicles and drivers will be required to cover the demand, and equipment prices as well as setup and labor costs for U.K.-bound transport will also increase considerably. Furthermore, ineffective line production is making terminal operations inefficient, as consignments are taking much longer to handle and are arriving at unspecified times.

As we are keen to communicate in an open manner with you, we are taking this opportunity to inform you that this situation may force us to impose a reasonable Border Congestion Fee. Additional charges may be required in order to maintain the level of service from DB Schenker to which you are accustomed. The charge would affect DB SCHENKERsystem as well as our Direct Freight products DB SCHENKERfull load and DB SCHENKERpart load. It is anticipated that the time-definite value-added services for these services will be phased out temporarily.

We would like to thank you in advance for your understanding. Rest assured that we will do our utmost to continue to transport to and from the U.K. reliably and to keep Europe moving.

Please be aware that we will only apply these additional fees if the situation leaves no other option.

If you have any questions, please contact your local DB Schenker Team for support and further information.