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Transports when borders are closing

The EU and the member states have made strong decisions quickly to limit the spread of the corona virus between countries. Almost all countries have closed or are closing their borders from passenger transport. However, as far as freight is concerned, borders are kept open in line with EU policies.

In Finland, the Government has decided to implement the Emergency Powers Act and to restrict movement. From a logistical point of view, the most important decision is to close the borders from passenger transport. It will increase border controls and reduce the cargo capacity of passenger ships, which is expected to slow down international transport. Increased transport volumes and lack of resources will slow down domestic transport. Another decision affecting the logistics sector is the closure of schools, which together with quarantine can lead to higher staff absences.

Effects on schedules

DB Schenker is currently 100 % operational in Europe and no offices or terminals are closed due to the pandemic. However, as the situation develops, we will need to adapt our operations and service levels to ensure our service capability, therefore, under these exceptional circumstances, we cannot guarantee shipments on schedule. We may also need to prioritize the supply of critical shipments which causes delays to other transports. At this stage, we will withdraw the DB SCHENKERsystem premium money back guarantee.

Effects on prices

Changes in transportation routes and schedules as well as protective equipment requirements beyond THL's (Finnish institute for health and welfare) guidelines will result in additional costs  that you should be prepared already when ordering. In order to avoid additional costs, we will not accept shipments unless the consignor has confirmed that the shipment can be delivered to the consignee.

If the shipment can´t be delivered, the cost of storage and return transportation will be charged from the customer.


In Finland, we enhanced our preparedness from the beginning of March through, among other things by daily status reports and drawing up contingency plans in case the epidemic spreads. Plans for individual locations or activities are classified as business critical, so we do not share them outside the company.

We inform changes caused by the corona virus pandemic in our newsletters, on our website and Twitter. We ask our customers to primarily use our e-services for bookings, tracking and other transportation related matters.