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System Freight

Forwarding of a pallet, a trolley, a box or other groupage goods is easy with DB Schenker. It is guaranteed by our versatile services and Europe’s most extensive land transport network, that operates in about twenty locations in Finland.   

DB Schenker’s domestic and international transport services are divided into two products:   DB SCHENKERsystem and DB SCHENKERsystem premium.

  • DB SCHENKERsystem is an excellent solution, if you want to move your freight effectively and with high reliability in Finland or throughout Europe. DB SCHENKERsystem is affordable thanks to its flexible schedule.  
  • DB SCHENKERsystem premium is the best solution, if your shipment must arrive just on scheduled date. Premium service includes a unique money back -performance guarantee*.

* The Gurantee shall be limited to a Money-Back-Promise: If the shipment is not delivered within the agreed lead time, DB Schenker shall therefore reimburse the net fee without surcharges paid by the customer to DB Schenker for specific shipment. This shall not apply if the sender or receipient is responsible for the late delivery and in case of force majeure. Availability of Premium 10 and Premium 13 might be restricted in some areas. Please check with your nearest DB SCHENKER branch.

Delivery time options

Do you want your shipment to arrive on a certain date or even before certain time?
Specify the delivery time with value added services!

A flexible schedule with DB SCHENKERsystem allows you to stop the delivery for a while in the terminal, waiting for the booked delivery time. You can define the time of delivery when ordering with Fix Day value added services:

  • Fix Day – we deliver the shipment on the date you defined (storage time 1–3 days). 
  • Fix Day 10 – we deliver the shipment on the date you defined before 10:00 
  • Fix Day 13 – we deliver the shipment on the date you defined before 13:00 
  • Fix Day TBA (to be agreed) – we agree the delivery time with your recipient.    

We dleiver Premium products on a scheduled date, so you can choose between our time-definite options:

  • Premium 10 – we deliver the shipment on a scheduled date before 10:00
  • Premium 13 – we deliver the shipment on a scheduled date before 13:00


  • Door-to-door shipping: Reliable forwarding of groupage shipments in Finland and across Europe.
  • Tightly connected land transport terminals: Daily line-haul departures keep land transport terminals seamlessly connected.
  • Online tracking and reporting tools: Transparent performance metrics, such as lead-time comparisons and electronic proof of delivery. 

Additional Services

As pioneers of innovative logistics solutions, we at DB Schenker are committed to becoming the leading sustainable, green logistics provider.

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At DB Schenker, the security of your cargo is of utmost importance to us. We can offer a wide-array of supply-chain security solutions in order to protect your cargo during both warehousing and transport. No matter where your cargo is located or headed; we can offer suitable security solutions on a global level.

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Due to the risk posed to people and the environment, dangerous cargo cannot be treated like general cargo. It requires special handling and the workforce involved needs additional qualifications. Dangerous cargo is generally not accepted with DB SCHENKERparcel. It's also subject to general acceptance conditions applicable throughout Europe with DB SCHENKERsystem. Please consider our restrictions for dangerous goods for Groupage (cross border) PDF Download.

However, with DB SCHENKERdirect, DB SCHENKERpart load and DB SCHENKERfull load there are no general restrictions in place. In any case, whichever of these products they choose, customers may always ask their responsible branch office for special agreements. With this policy, DB Schenker covers 98 percent of the demand for ground forwarding services for dangerous cargo.

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