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The history of DB Schenker in France

1880 Along with his business partner, Emile Baptiste Roy from Rouen founds the company Roy-Lebreton with the firm’s stated purpose being the trading and transportation of merchandise.
1898 Jules Roy takes over from his father. The company enjoys sustained and regular expansion under his management. Going on to become Jules Roy S.A., it chooses to focus on maritime transport and the transportation and transit of forestry products from Scandinavia.
In 1932, the company begins importing bananas from the Caribbean.
1979 Jules Roy is acquired by Rhenus, a subsidiary of the German group Stinnes. Jules Roy S.A. nevertheless retains its own identity, logistical resources and specialities.
1987 René Moebel becomes chairman of the board of Jules Roy S.A. His arrival marks a new stage in the company’s development. Its goal is to become one of the leaders in the European transport market. To do so, the new team develops expertise in air, maritime and road consolidation services.
1991 The Stinnes holding company takes control of Schenker (after its disposal by the German railways). Founded by Gottfried Schenker in 1872 in Vienna (Austria), Schenker operated the first rail consolidation service from Paris to Vienna in 1873. The merger of the two German companies Schenker and Rhenus sees Jules Roy embark on a new phase in its corporate history. While at the same time retaining its autonomy, it is now part of Europe's leading transport group. Medtrans
International, which up until then had been Schenker’s French subsidiary, becomes part of Jules Roy S.A. 
1997 Stinnes sells Rhenus and absorbs the Swedish BTL group (Bilspedition Transport & Logistics). Jules Roy S.A. absorbs Scansped, BTL’s French subsidiary, and considerably expands its product range for Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

1999 On May 1, Jules Roy adopts the group's identity and becomes Schenker-BTL France.
2001 On May 1, Schenker-BTL becomes Schenker S.A.
2002 Stinnes Logistics is acquired by Deutsche Bahn.
2003 In January, Schenker S.A. acquires the JOYAU group (Transports JOYAU, founded in 1925) which becomes its
100% subsidiary. JOYAU’s Chairman Jacques Godet joins the Schenker S.A. board, with responsibility for the business nationally. Joël Moebel takes over from his brother René Moebel and becomes Chairman of the Board at Schenker S.A.
2005 JOYAU becomes SCHENKER-JOYAU. This new brand  symbolises the company's stated wish to become one of the leading national and international logistics operators in France. Schenker boosts its logistical capacities in the Paris area at Gennevilliers. This new site includes a modern terminal (enabling the company to significantly increase its logistical capacities and to expand the existing road and maritime activities) in addition to Schenker S.A’s head office.
2006 In early January, Deutsche Bahn acquires the company Bax Global, a worldwide transport business.
2007 On May 1, BAX merges with Schenker S.A. 
2008 Deutsche Bahn reorganises its brands: DB Schenker now includes all of the company's freight transport and logistics activities. 

May: ISO 14001 Certification for the Gennevilliers site
2009 March: First global transport and logistics operator in France to obtain the AEO customs status (Authorised Economic Operator).
Philippe de Crécy is appointed as Chairman of the Schenker S.A. board following the departure of Joël Moebel in June. Patrick Guénec assumes the post of Chairman of Schenker-Joyau, previously held since 1995 by Jacques Godet who leaves the company.
2012 Schenker S.A. consolidates the corporate governance of its DB Schenker-Joyau road transport subsidiary. Philippe de Crécy, Chairman of the DB Schenker board, becomes Chairman of DB Schenker-Joyau, replacing Patrick Guénec who leaves the business. Cyrille Bonjean is appointed as Managing Director of DB Schenker-Joyau with responsibility for operational management.
2014 Schenker-Joyau adopts the DB Schenker name. 
2015 Schenker SA and Schenker-Joyau merge into a single entity SCHENKER France whose trademark is DB Schenker.