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    Air Freight

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    Your goods are in great hands

    When shipping per air freight, one thing is clear: the cargo has a special importance and a time-sensitive nature. That’s why we’re there for you with a comprehensive portfolio of products and services that ensures that your air freight lands on time, is safe, and ready for its big debut.

    • Worldwide network across major global hubs on all continents
    • Fast and convenient online booking
    • Partnership with first-class carriers as well as own carrier network
    • Solution for all sizes and shapes of goods
    • Seamless 24/7 online tracking

    Easy booking, quick delivery, happy customers

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      Compare prices and time schedules in real time and use our handy online tool to book your global air freight.

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      We collect your goods right at your door. No hassle, and you can stay informed with seamless tracking and monitoring.

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      Our reliability is legendary, which means once you book, you can rest assured that everything is right on track.

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