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    Flight Operation

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    Your declaration of independent capacity

    Sometimes you just have to follow your own agenda. Then you need a transport with full flexibility and independent capacity. Fortunately, with DB SCHENKER flightops, you have that freedom. With our in-house flight operation, you can enjoy a synchronized and optimized air cargo supply chain that incorporates international transport hubs and access to global capacity supply chains. For a more competitive edge in the air and everywhere else.

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    Hands-on booking in no time

    Make use of our flight operation and arrange your very individual transport with us. Just give us a call!

    Your flight operation benefits

    • Remove the intermediates in your transport chain, and let us help you to leverage a seamless, cost-effective supply chain.

    • We guarantee your global capacity, even during peak seasons for better planning, a competitive edge, and more peace of mind.

    • Our fast and easy pre/on-carriage through our trucking networks keeps your production lean via a reduction of intermediates in the transport chain. 

    Access global transport hubs for a world of possibilities

    Even the most high-functioning supply chains can always use an extra boost of innovation, logistics expertise, and product diversity. Our DB SCHENKER flightops offer is all this and more. Discover how we can help you synchronize and optimize your supply chain with services and products to best fit all your needs. 

    Welcome to the global club

    Access to more global transport hubs is a key factor in staying flexible and competitive. Our DB SCHENKER flightops service portfolio offers you just that by linking you and your air freight to transport hubs around the world. It is fast, effective, and guarantees you worldwide access to capacity via our in-house service flight operation. The entire service is integrated into the global air freight hub system, where your supply chain is synchronized and optimized using our land transport networks. We can guarantee your global capacity, even during peak seasons. Plus, your production stays lean due to the reduction of intermediates in the transport chain.

    DB Schenker global flight network

    Have a look at the map showing our flight network and the list of all destinations.

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