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    Order management

    Order management enables you full control over the logistics process from an order perspective. Simply procure your material, or sell your products to your customer, and let us manage the logistics fulfillment process. Our solution will break down or consolidate your order into logistics shipments, coordinate with the relevant forwarders and carriers, and provide full transparency throughout the entire process.

    Focus on your orders without having to deal with logistics

    Order management is more critical than ever, especially in a challenged logistics environment. You face increasing demand, higher order volumes, the need for high speeds, and ever-growing customer expectations. You also source new material suppliers and have the challenge of bringing them into your network, infrastructure, and factories. How can these processes be made more efficient and manageable? 

    Our order management integrates all supply chain partners into a single platform where our Control Tower can take over and streamline daily activities to cover order management, no matter how complex or tailored to your needs, and ensure the most effective logistics execution.

    Advantages of order management

    1. 1


      Our solution provides you with the highest visibility – right down to the individual transaction on SKU level.

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      Our order management offers you an active vendor follow-up at the origin – or a customer follow-up to the destination.

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      Order data

      Correct order data means correct processes and pricing.

    4. 4


      The platform provides exception management that drives proactive supply chain control.

    What order management can do for you

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    Automated order processing reduces the cost of manual activities and minimizes the risk of human error. Transport orders are automatically created, transmitted to the suppliers and customers, and booked with the relevant carriers. Fewer errors in order and invoice entry mean you save time and money.

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    You can access any supplier or customer in the world without the complexity of needing to know the required logistics process.

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    Real-time info

    With real-time data, you can react faster to possible issues. Furthermore, you can drive optimizations and control lead times – so you know what's happening at all times.

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    The order management system provides a unified and clear view of the complex order process – to improve the responsiveness and resilience of your supply chain.

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    Transport procurement

    The platform provides exception management that drives proactive supply chain control.

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