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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

A fleet of 142 Mercedes-Benz for DB Schenker

It is at the head office of the RCM group of Mouilleron-le-Captif (85) - Mercedes-Benz Trucks distributor through the entities SAGA for the departments of Vendée, Maine-et-Loire and de la Vienne - Frédéric Vallet, Director Road France and Morocco of DB Schenker has received the keys of a fleet of 142 trucks, from the hands of Max Julhès, Mercedes-Benz Trucks France Services Director, and Ronan Chabot, President of RCM . All vehicles are provided by CharterWay, the Daimler Group's multi-service rental subsidiary. "When one of the transport and logistics leaders in France and Europe uses Mercedes-Benz and CharterWay, it's a story of products, services and especially men," said Frédéric Vallet.


A loyal and close company thanks to its Vendée headquarters

DB Schenker has remained faithful to the company's Vendée roots, the head office of the French entity of the German group is located in Montaigu (85). Thus, these 142 trucks - 50 Actros 1843 tractors, 13 Antos type 1824 and 79 Atego type 1218 - rented by CharterWay will be maintained in the SAGA entities of La Roche-sur-Yon and Angers. Better still, all 92 carriers of this 2018 delivery were bodied by the company Héraud, also based in Montaigu. An innovative Vendée company which supplies courier boxes and curtains to DB Schenker, equipped with electric curtains. In addition, she has also designed bespoke bodies to meet the specific demands of DB Schenker.


CharterWay, the multi-service rental of Daimler AG

CharterWay is the subsidiary of the Daimler Group dedicated to the long and short rental of trucks and utilities through all-inclusive packages. Offers available from the entire Mercedes-Benz Trucks distribution network in France. Offers that also allow business customers to drive with state-of-the-art trucks that are serviced and perfectly tailored to their needs. The new tractors delivered to DB Schenker are equipped with the MB Uptime predictive maintenance, thus increasing the mobility of the vehicles.