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DB Schenker Warehouse Truck parking

New agency in Serris (77): Schenker France consolidates its activity in the Paris region following the growth of its activity

platooning-test-A9-dbschenker On June 3, DB Schenker opened a new branch in Serris, north of Seine et Marne: DB Schenker Paris Nord-Est. This new opening is the cornerstone of the VISION Ile-de-France strategy launched by Schenker France to rethink and strengthen its presence in Ile-de-France.

Vision Ile-de-France: an ambitious strategy for an even stronger presence in the Paris region

DB Schenker has put a new strategy in place to respond to growing business and market expectations. The VISION Ile-de-France strategy is based on four main objectives:

Being present in northeastern Paris - Schenker France's development strategy has always been based on proximity between its agencies and its customers. The establishment of an agency in the North of Seine-et-Marne will reorganize and optimize all transport flows.

Responding to the increase in activity - DB Schenker built a new building of 7,727m² on 46,500m² of land in Serris, along the A4 motorway.

Optimize international flows - The objective is to respond to the sustained growth of our export flows and to reduce the distance to international platforms, particularly to Germany and Eastern Europe.

Developing a new approach to urban delivery in Paris - The VISION Ile-de-France strategy also aims to address the growing problems of urban delivery (Paris 2024 and the ban on diesel vehicles in 22 municipalities).

DB Schenker, the first courier transport network in Ile-de-France

In recent years, market growth has led DB Schenker to increase its real estate holdings by moving to new branches, building extensions or opening satellite warehouses to major agencies.

With 9 branch offices and 60,500 m², DB Schenker is today the leading courier transport network in Ile de France. 

Characteristics of the DB Schenker Paris Nord-Est agency in Serris (77)

  • Workforce: 80 employees
  • Land of 46,500 m² bordering Highway A4
  • Quay of 7 489 m² useful to which are added:
  • A local auto washer of 8.00m ²,
       - A local auto washer of 8.00m ²,
       - A suffering cage of 88.20m²,
       - A charge room of 57.40m²,
       - Two storage rooms flammable products representing 41.40m ².
  • Number of doors docked: 90
  • Administrative building
       - 1 mezzanine of 450 m² for the social premises and the meeting room
       - 1 ground floor of 533 m²
       - 1 floor of 523 m²

About DB Schenker

DB Schenker is a division of the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG that focuses on logistics. The company, created by reorganisation and rebranding of Deutsche Bahn subsidiaries, comprises a logistics division encompassing air, land, and sea freight, and a rail division made up from European rail freight companies.

In Europe, DB Schenker is the largest Integrated Logistics Service Providers in the country, with over 19 000 employees and 720 branches. In France DB Schenker has 100 branches (including its overseas territories), 6100 employees and generates annual revenues of 1, 393 billion euros.