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JOINin participants join hands for animal shelter

The Lincoln County Animal Shelter works towards positive and progressive change to end animal cruelty in their community. However, safeguarding the animals requires extensive participation from the shelter’s staff members and volunteers, which has left them with no time to demonstrate and promote lasting change in animal welfare to the community. This lasting change will come from creating educational programs and enhancing the bond between humans and animals. That is where the JOINin participants “joined in”. The main areas that the team made real lasting change was by turning an extremely cluttered unused space into a clean area that the staff can use as a community center. By enhancing the outdoor grounds of the location, the JOINin team made it look welcoming for future adoptive families and pets awaiting their forever homes. 

After driving to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter early in the morning, the JOINin group rolled up their sleeves and got straight to work. The cluttered garage was filled with old documents, tools, materials, and garbage that needed to be cleaned or thrown out. They worked together by following the safety rules used in Schenker warehouses to work effectively but most importantly, safely. They cleared out the disorderly area, cleaned all materials, and reorganized the room in a way that the staff could easily create their much needed community center. They also cleaned out garbage, weeds, and spread gravel and mulch throughout the landscaping that brought beauty to the gardens.