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Implementation of new regulations for European land transport: Changes resulting from the EU Mobility Package 1 (MP 1)

DB Schenker extensively welcomes the implementation of the new EU Mobility Package that is meant to more effectively balance the objectives of safety, social fairness, sustainability, and economy in the European land transport system. As a result of this package, we are now taking steps to improve working conditions for our most important asset – our people and the people who work for our subcontractors. Over the past few years, (starting in 2017), a large number of new rules have been implemented and are now in place. However, the most significant changes in terms of working conditions in road transport will go into effect in 2022 – and we believe the overall transport market will develop positively in the future and offer better working conditions as a result.

The main changes we need to address beginning February 2, 2022, are as follows:

New rules for cabotage:

  • 4 days “cooling off” period between individual cabotage runs in EU Member States. This will limit truck and driver capacity in cabotage operations and will force carriers to change the way they manage such operations.
  • 8 weeks truck return obligation to the operational base in the country in which a truck is registered. This will negatively impact transport capacity and result in a cost increase, as most trucks will drive empty over rather long distances, leading to traffic imbalances on specific trade lanes.

Adjustment of salary levels:

  • Salary increases due to the adoption of the MP 1 Driving Posting Rules in local markets.
  • Salary increases due to MP 1 Driving Posting Rules relating to cabotage and cross-trade operations – salaries of drivers from eastern EU countries who perform cabotage and cross-trade operations need to be equal to the transport-industry norm in the countries in which such drivers are operating.

New reporting regulations:

  • New reporting obligation for carrier companies with regard to driver posting rules, fleet information, and other information – required by local authorities and the European Union.
  • 2,5 tons and 3,5 tons GVW will become mandatory for international transport.

Additional regulations will be implemented in January 2023.

For our customers, the implementation of the new regulations will have no impact on our service, as DB Schenker will take care of all requirements. However, we expect that the Mobility Package will have an impact on capacity as well as the cost of land transport due to an increase in labor costs and the need for additional runs and cooling off periods.

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