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    Contract Logistics and Supply Chain Management

    Whatever your industry, our contract logistics solutions will add value to your supply chain management process.

    We go the extra mile

    For our customers, we do everything. We cover all stages of the supply chain: from supplier to customer to end-consumer delivery, from designing supply chain solutions to delivering high-tech facilities that have the highest level of certification, from reverse logistics to aftermarket support, healthcare services, or cloud logistics. 

    We constantly evolve and drive the latest technologies to deliver the most efficient solutions – making us the supply chain partner of choice for the world’s best companies. Would you also like to benefit from our industry expertise, customized products, solutions, and consistent world-class services?

    Your benefits as a DB Schenker contract logistics customer

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    Resource savings

    We want to save you time and money! So, let’s eliminate financial investments such as renting a warehouse, purchasing vehicles, or hiring staff – and the time-consuming transports of goods since a 3PL warehouse is nearby.

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    Faster processes

    Logistical processes should be designed to avoid long-term storage and downtime – and, instead, increase the speed of delivery. As a 4PL provider, we take on these logistical tasks and offer you a customized solution.

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    Focus on core business

    Organizing the delivery, storage, and transportation of goods can take up a lot of time and resources. However, when you outsource your logistics, you can focus on what matters most to your business – serving your customers in the right markets.

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    Better customer care

    We can also manage your customer relations, a resource-intensive part of any business. Fast delivery, good communication with the customer, and effective handling of returns positively impact your customer loyalty.

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